From Flash Lite to SIS

By | November 1, 2006

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I’ve been lately doing a few research on Flash Lite topic.
In my point of view, one of the best arguments of Flash Lite was XML capabilities and Shared Object

Shared Object definition from flash help: Flash Lite shared objects lets you save data persistently to the user’s device. For example, you might use a shared object to save information between application sessions, such as user preferences or game scores. You use the SharedObject class to read and write Flash Lite shared objects.

I must admit that all work in theory very well. But only in theory (on desktop Flash Player), or I didn’t found yet the good way to make it work on my mobile.
So here is my problem, if anyone have a clue to solve it … please teach me.
I build a swf that use a shared object (creating & reading & rewriting).
Testing the swf saved in the right path works perfectly, but if I test the sis (created by swf2sis, from that same swf) it won’t work at all.
Well in fact it works well as long as I don’t stop running my application…which mean that it doesn’t save my Shared Object or that he save it but cannot access it again later.
I’ve send a mail to swf2sis but I had no answer so far.
I also asked on Flashmobilegroup and receive some information but didn’t found a good solution.
In fact it can be easily solved by using third technology (like Python or C) that would write a file, but I’m looking for a pure Flash Lite solution.

Did anyone encounter the same problem? Does it come from swf2sis, Adobe or my mobile exploitation system (S60 2nd edition)?
Here are the 2 files [sharedobject(zip)sharedobject(sis)] I used in my test, if you have time to test , it would be great.


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5 thoughts on “From Flash Lite to SIS

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  2. cisnky

    How are you setting your shared object?

    The swf may save the shared object to a different path when embeded with swf2sis.

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