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By | December 16, 2006

TSR 100sSince middle of November I’m working as a Multimedia Operator for the 100 seconds a service proposed by Swisscom and created (content) by TSR. The idea is to get the news as soon (or nearly) as they arrived in the Media Channel (EVN, Swiss Ring, …).
From 6 am to 23 pm, you get alert(sms with link to the updated video) of breaking news, and every hour a new Mobile Video News of … 100 seconds.

It’s in French or in German and by now you can have a free 30 days test, after you’ll have to subscribe. Unfortunately you must be a client of Swisscom, which is very unprobable for most of you as you don’t live in Switzerland (according to my web stats), but if you from here and are a news maniak this service can be for you!

Now what I think of it: I’m just afraid that it’s just to early for Streamed Moblie TV, the cost are just to expansive for data-transfer in Switzerland for now. But at least it’s a try to damp the invest in 3G / EDGE tech, now time will tell. As soon as I get some stats I’ll post them here.


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