Solving the IE – SWF: click to activate and use this control

By | February 18, 2007

IE7 logoThe first time I discovered the unfriendly gray border around a SWF it was when I launched the IE7 beta. I thought that it was only a IE7 bug but I were thought that it was in fact because of the Eolas lawsuit.
So what does it change for web developer/publisher? Simply that our SWF will only play once the user have release his click over it. One click to much in my point of view. I know it was already solved a long time ago but I still get a lot of visitor with this query (and I observed a lot of website who haven’t made the update yet). So here’s a quick solving:
Depending if your work with Flash or Dreamweaver you need to download the active content update.
So first download it:

  • Update for Flash
  • Update for Dreamweaver
  • Once downloaded, install it.
    In Dreamweaver nothing smart to do, just import your Flash Media and Dreamweaver will do the rest.
    In Flash, a bit more to do: edit your publish settings template to: HTTP active content. Publish your SWF and HTML. In Flash>commands>apply active content update and select your html files.
    That All ! Problem solved, just take care to let your new created .js file linked with your html.

    This is the Adobe solution, see why to use it. What it does is to load the SWF from Javascript and not from a Html <embed> , <object> or <applet> tag.
    All info you might need are on Adobe website.


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