Linking J2ME with Flash Lite

By | February 17, 2007

First read over Marco Casario BlogMachBlue
Great news from 3GSM, Bluestreak Technology announced the future release of their MachBlue™ Mobile.
From there website:

Technical Highlights

  • Greatly exceeds the graphic capabilities of JAVA, BREW, and other native languages
  • Supports large subset of Flash® 7 and ActionScript 2
  • Developer-friendly platform allows use of industry-standard Flash® authoring tools in tandem with MachBlue Studio
  • Extensible scripting architecture to launch and control external applications and hardware
  • Supports XML for dynamic data loading and OTA content updates
  • Offers two architectures for maximum flexibility: a single-threaded version for low-end device RTOSs and a multi-threaded version for high-end devices
  • Battery-efficient software design with no compromise between form and function
  • Strong compatibility with existing applications and web-based coding practices
  • Networking support (e.g., HTTP, UDP, WAP push, Bluetooth, IR)
  • Modular code architecture enables fast porting to diverse handset profiles
  • Includes Bluestreak’s APIs for mobile phones and mobile TV:
  • o Call-handling features
    o Agenda, contacts, and call log
    o Messaging support
    o Vibration
    o Power usage
    o Audio/video streaming and codecs
    o Program info
    o Video windows

    In short that mean that we could easily link the power of J2ME (Java Mobile Edition) with the power of Flash Lite. It will certainly open a incredible number of possibilities for the developers.
    I’m just wondering what is waiting Adobe to buy them so they could already create a version Flash Lite 3 compatible.


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    3. Harishankar

      not considering about the market and number of phones that support them, which one do you think is good for game developers? J2Me or flashlite? I am speaking about simple 2D platform based games.