19 things not to do when building a website

By | April 3, 2007

Josiah Cole has compiled a not so small list of fundamentals rules that webmasters must learn. It’s almost the same as we hear every time : avoid boring your visitors with some useless scripts and design. Nevertheless this list can be useful, just to remember the basis of webmastering to you or your co-worker. And for once it doesn’t criticize to much Flash.

If your are wondering about more web design error you can also go check the “father” of usability: top ten mistakes in Web Design . By the way, his page URL terminate with a number, which is also one of the top ten error in search engines optimization 🙂 So please Jakob update your web site!

You can also check if your web site suck


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5 thoughts on “19 things not to do when building a website

  1. Mike D

    Perhaps some good points but what qualifies him to tell everybody how to do stuff? Certainly not the horrible ‘table soup’ code and aesthetically challenged stuff in his portfolio at colewebdev.com .. ugh

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