Passing variable from JavaScript To AS3 (Flash CS3)

By | July 15, 2012

A piece of Cake
Passing vars from JS to AS3 is really easy, but it’s not as easy as it was with AS2.
Here I use the excellent SWFObjects (I use it in all my web projects now) to pass variables to the Flash Player:

so.addVariable("var1", "value1");
so.addVariable("var2", "value2");

Now to get the values with AS3 when you already know the variable name:

var myValue1:String = this.loaderInfo.parameters.var1;
var myValue2:String = this.loaderInfo.parameters.var2;

If you want to trace all the variables (names and values) passed to the Flash Player:

for ( var theName:String in this.loaderInfo.parameters ) {
var theValue:String = this.loaderInfo.parameters [theName];
trace(“from JS :”+ theName+” “+theValue);


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12 thoughts on “Passing variable from JavaScript To AS3 (Flash CS3)

  1. Sergey Kovalyov

    Does it really differ comparing to AS2? I just pass all the variables I need using well known FlashVars and access them in any Class via Application.application.parameters associative array (e. g. Application.application.parameters.userId).

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  10. Kenneth Paulino

    Thanks for the trace function. I’ll snippet it for later use. How can you send a var from AS3 to Javascript? Or modify a Javascript var from within Flash. I want to grab the width and height from the onmetadata of a FLV, resize the player according to those values, and then send out those values to be used with swfobject. I have all the vars placed and AS3 complete, I just need to know how to send them out so swfobject can read them. Thanks!!

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