Flash – ActionScript is part from the Top 10 Marketable Web Development Skills

By | December 5, 2007

Read/WriteWeb has published a list of the Top 10 marketable web development skills. I’m happy to see that Flash and ActionScript are part of the list!

Even if I don’t fully agree with this list I do think that it is interesting to make such a list, so here the list of skills I found important for a web developer.

  • XHTML Valid Skills

    That can sound obvious but the number of so called web developer that does not develop according to standard is huge. Being someone writting valid XHTML code is a very important value IMHO.

  • OOP & UML

    I’m not so much interested by the programing languages a web developer know, but I am interested by the knowledge of Object Oriented Programing and communication of the architecture of a web service. That is why I added UML to OOP, one without the other may be useless in a team.

  • Flash & ActionScript

    Obviously for me it is a must have skill, the Flash Player has a so deep penetration in the market that to not have knowledge of Flash UI or ActionScript is really a bad point.

  • JavaScript & AJAX

    In my point of view we must not accept the culture of totally AJAX or totally Flash. Most of the time a nice combination of both gives the best result. Obviously knowing JavaScript and AJAX is a must!

  • Design skills

    The world of web developer can be split in two: Developers VS Designer. I think to be an “Interactive Designer” (a coder that understand design or a designer to understand code) is the best skill you can market, it also opens a lot more of position!

  • User Experience

    It is not enough to be a talented you need to understand how will your web pages be used. So for me capabilities like Usability, Accessibility and Navigation Design worth gold.

  • Database Understanding

    When developing web program we need mostly to rely on database, understanding the structure and architecture of Database helps to think about deep new way of presenting information and to architecture well all your web pages/services/programs.

By the way, if you have all those listed skills, don’t hesitate to contact me (ahmet AT MBA-Exchange DOT com), we are opening a new position at my work (MBA-Exchange.com & Careernomics.com & MBAGCF.com & LondonBankingDays.com).
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