Internet Explorer 7 really don’t like Swf

By | March 28, 2006

Update:(July 26 2007)To avoid this behavior you need to load your Flash via Javascript. For this you can use the SWFObject, I made an extension for Dreamweaver to ease the use of it.

In IE7 there is one more thing that they add that I find completely useless and unusable.
There is now a little info box telling you:

Click to activate and use this control

When you rollOver() a flash animation. It do load and play your animation but every first time you want to click on your Flash (on a button for exemple), the first click is to active the control and then you got to make a second click to interact with the Flash…
So I went to the Microsoft site where they use a very nice (lol) flash animation.

You can check their ie7Flash.js file that they use.

And so everything work without the info box !

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12 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 really don’t like Swf

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  2. Zeh

    This is a problem that has been known for a couple of years. It’s all part of the Eolas lawsuit and apply to other kind of content as well.

    You just have to have the flash tag written from outside the main HTML for the mandatory click to go away. Or using FlashObject.

  3. "Bob"

    This has nothing to do with IE7 and everything to with just “IE”. As Zeh said, it is a result of the Eolas lawsuit and both IE 6 & 7 will display this behavior (presumably IE 5 and earlier won’t since it’s not in the support cycle as far as I know). Currently, the “easy” fix is that on your next system reinstall (ug) disable automatic updates (both Windows and IE) and then you won’t get the update (it’s voluntary at the moment).

  4. Marcello

    Scott, i’ve been tweaking with flashobject for a couple of days, it works greatly with IE6 (both patched for eolas and unpatched) but it seems like it doesn’t work, at least out of the box, with IE7. The flash simply doesn’t show up, without any kind of error notification…


  5. Nick

    I use this site as my home page don’t ask why…I just like it. But IE7 won’t play it, no matter what I do. IE6 played it every time without exception. So what do I have to do to make it work? Hitting refresh does not work. I’ve yet to see the swf/site since I upgraded to ie7. lil help?

  6. Lewis

    I have exactly the same problem. Site with two swf files playing fine in IE6 and Firefox. In IE7 one just wont show. I have tried various flash object and externl embed methods. This is not the usual inactive activex problem. its defo an ie7 specific.
    All that i can see is if i change the bkgrd color in the object, it changes from blank black to blank in that colour. Wierd one works and one doesnt. The only physical differnce is the one not playing was an avi b4 swf and the other a wmv? Anyone?

  7. Ramachandra

    Hi All,

    I am facing a typical problem, We have a .swf file (banner) loading on the first page, some time what happens is it doesnt load the swf for the first time and from second time it will load automatically… I dont know what is the problem , Can any one help me here….Waiting for ur reply…


  8. soney

    yes .I often meet fault when I open a flash page by ie7.
    I think ie7 not good. I still use ie6 or firefox.