Get paid for the work you’ve done

By | November 1, 2006

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Here is a little application I’ve developed, still in beta but Free 😉
The application name is meTimer, the main goal is to count the time you spend doing some work.
It need Flash Lite Player 2 installed on your mobile.
For example, as a freelance you may work on different project and forget how many time you have spend working. MeTimer can be turn off during working time. You only have to tag the start time and the stop time. You can even turn off your mobile but you won’t loose any seconds.
It’s only a beta by now but is working. There is a payment lock but by now it isn’t activate. Although you must make all the payment process to activate your version.

Step by step installation :
1- Download meTimer.swf ( you need Flash Lite 2.0 on your mobile)
2- Copy it into your Flash folder
3- Run meTimer.

Step by step activation :
4- The first time your run meTimer you’ll be asked to create a new work (enter a name)
5- Press “save”
6- You’ll then be on the home.
7- Press[7] on your mobile keyboard
8- Click “buy now”
9- Enter all information, if your (Imei number doesn’t show it’s not that bad)
10- Click “send”

11- Press “home”
12- Create a new work (press 4)
13- Click “validate”
14- Enter the same passwords as in step 9

Voilà, meTimer is fully activate. Please if you use it report bug.


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4 thoughts on “Get paid for the work you’ve done

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  2. RconR007

    This will be a good idea for the U10. If you can conform it to the 4 way keys. This will be awesome.

    Take care,


    By the way this is a great idea.