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Adobe MAX 2008

Ted Patrick has announced the future location of Adobe MAX 2008: San Francisco Amsterdam Bangalore If there is no major shift in my life until then I’ll certainly be heading to the Amsterdam’s one 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Europe – onAIR Tour

According Andrew Shorten’s blog, Adobe is preparing the onAIR Tour for Europe 🙂 Seems that Adobe is taking Europa very seriously, we are having the European User Group Tour, oriented for the User Group Community (from November 6th to November 16). The last night of this Tour is taking place in Geneva, if you are… Read More »

Adobe 2007 European User Group Tour

It’s with a lot of pleasure that I’m working on the organization of the Adobe European User Group Tour that will make a stop at our local User Group. Our meeting will take place on November 16th and will focus on Adobe AIR and the future of the Adobe Flash Platform. I’ve you live in… Read More »

AIR Code Samples

Daniel Dura has posted on his blog two presentations (introduction to AIR & Flex 3) he made during some events (AIR tour & MAX). Along with his presentations is an archive of Flex Builder project, that contain most of the code he showed. Here is the list of sources you’ll find in the archive: Application… Read More »

EBook: Adobe AIR for JavaScript Developers

After offering the Ebook “AIR for Flex Developers“, Danny Dura, Kevin Hoyt and Mike Chambers has release a new book: AIR for JavaScript Developers. The free Ebook is available on Ajaxian. The pocket guide covers: Introduction to AIR Getting Started with AIR development Working with JavaScript and HTML within AIR AIR Mini Cookbook Command line… Read More »

AIR Panel for Flash

Grant Skinner has post an update of his AIR Panel for Flash. you can have all the installation instruction from his previous post. The AIR Panel works very good here 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Adobe® Integrated Runtime (AIR), and SQLite

Just read on Paul Robertson blog’s about some features offered with AIR and local database. The news has been out from some times now but I haven’t seen example of this before (I’m in exam period that may explain it…). Well anyway the post is interesting and give the link to the Livedocs : “SQL… Read More »

110 000 downloads of the Apollo runtime

Great news coming from Ryan Stewart blog’s on Zdnet.He asked to Mike Chambers about the number of downloaded Apollo runtime. Answer 110’000 🙂 In terms of penetration of an alpha runtime I guess it’s a quite good results. Even if I’m sure that the cool tools build by the community will make this number increase… Read More »

CS3- Who is the winner?

Simple tool for Adobe Manager that have to make winners for the tonight show : whosthewinner.air is an Apollo application, once you enter a Number it will display a number between the selected number and 1. Made in 5 minutes with Apollo 😀 Tonight we have a big Party at Geneva ( for the release… Read More »

Apollo: All the resources to start having fun has release a tutorial about Adobe Apollo. All the basic to make a simple application are explained by Mike Chambers: Join Mike Chambers, Adobe’s Senior Product Manager for Developer Relations, as he gives an exclusive, hands-on glimpse of the alpha version Apollo: a powerful new development tool from Adobe. Web developers fluent in Flash,… Read More »

Download Apollo Alpha Now

Apollo is the code name for a cross-operating system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows developers to leverage their existing web development skills (Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax) to build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIAs) to the desktop. Apollo enables developers to create applications that combine the benefits of web applications – network… Read More »

Apollo book, free to download :)

One week ago I wrote about the new book from O’Reilly: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Now this book is free to to download directly from the labs. The main Chapter are : Introduction to Apollo Getting Started with Apollo Development Using HTML Within Flex-Based Apollo Applications Using the File System API Apollo Mini-Cookbook So… Read More »

Buzz Monitoring about Adobe Apollo

Here’s a quick post to show the number of post containing “Adobe Apollo”. I post it here because I had already see some chart of Technorati, but never found were it was… (okay maybe it’s obvious but forgive my blindness). This tool is very useful for marketer but it’s not the only tool that we… Read More »