Monthly Archives: January 2006

Web Credibility

The 5 most important point on web credibility: Making your website in such a way that it comes across as trustworthy and knowledgeable [BJ Fogg] Prove there’s a real organisation behind your website Provide sensitive ibnformation Statements should be backed up by third-party evidence Prove that the organisation is growing and has clients Your website… Read More »

Eyetracking Study of web video

On Jakob Nielsen’s site, there is a new alert about video on Internet. The problem of video with web : it’s boring ! We use to be active in front of a computer screen and not in front of a tv screen. So the video must be edited for the web (short and with motion)… Read More »

Flash Lite 2.0 for Flash 8

The labs have put online the update of Flash Lite Player 2.0, free for developpers(just enter your IMEI number, normaly use *#06#, we can now make Flash Lite 2.0 files in Flash Professional 8. Go check it here. Flash Lite 2.0 new feature are : Flash 7 code base and actionscript 2.0 Video playback External… Read More »

Flash Color Picker

This tip may sound funny for must of you but it was a discovery for me. When I used the “color picker” in Flash, I always thought that I can only pick colour in the Flash application. But in fact, you can use the color picker in all your screen even if the cursor icon… Read More »

Happy new Year !

Ok, a bit late but happy new year to all and whishing you all the best for you and your familly and friends in 2006. By now I’ll write my blog in English for I think most of the flash user understands English. I hope to be clear and that you’ll forget my bad English,… Read More »