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By | August 28, 2006

logo GoogleGoogle has opened new tools for webmastering. Those tools added with Google analytics can offer a good overview of your website (from Google Bot point of view).

[…]comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes websites. You can learn here how to ensure that your site is easily crawled and indexed and access tools that will enable you to diagnose crawling issues, study statistics on how your site is doing in our index, and tell us how you’d like your site to be crawled and indexed.[…]

The webmaster tools contrary to the analytics tools give informations about your website from google. There is a diagnostic part with the status given by your pages (HTTP errors, Not Found, …). You can also check if the Google Web crawl access your pages or not, you can also (and this is new I guess) check if the Google Mobile crawl work, so you can know if you source code is CHTML/XHTML/WML compatible 😉
For the statistic you can also have some really nice informations about your average position within your website Top search queries. For example I’ve learned that if you search for Adobe Flash 9 in my average position is 10! or try typing adobe tryouts and my website should be in third position.
Even nicer you can know what are the query that bring most click to your website. For example most of the queries that bring to my website from Google contain “flash tutorials” somewhere in the last three weeks
There are more useful tools (word : site content – external link to your site || pagerank : position, top page)


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