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Clearing the Flash CS3 Cache & Playing MP3

I’ve been doing some server side interaction with Flash CS3 today and had notice that the cache wouldn’t clear automatically… Too bad for debugging. The solution is as old as Flash itself: just give a random number to the URL called ( and Flash will reload the files completely. My test of today was about… Read More »

Tons of Free Flash Video Tutorials

Just a quick note, I’ve just found the Flash section of Wikivid, they have a lot of free video about Flash, even some video about actionscript 3 See the Flash Section at Wikivid. Also don’t miss the root of Wikivid if you are interested in learning a new software. A quote from the welcome page… Read More »

Flash CS3 Online Documentation

I don’t know if this new is fresh or not but the Flash CS3 documentation is now online, you can find it at the Adobe Livedocs. Currently the link is not on the Livedocs homepage. The most interesting part are: ActionScript 3.0 Language and Components Reference Programming ActionScript 3.0 Using ActionScript 3.0 Components Now I… Read More »

Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

Very good news from the Adobe labs, the Flex Component Kit allow us to create Flex component with Flash CS3: The Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 allows you to create interactive, animated content in Flash, and use it in Flex as a Flex component. This is prerelease software. Use the Flex Component Kit when… Read More »

Flash Player 9 Penetration

Yesterday I wrote about the new “CS3 essential training” from Lynda and said that the penetration for the Flash Player 9 was about 50%. I had a comment from Benz that told me the penetration of the Flash Player is 83.4% according to Emmy Huang’s blog. Those number are higher that what I observed on… Read More »

CS3 Essential Training are Here

I hadn’t see it earlier but good news, the “essential training” from is online. I’ve watched quickly the Flash CS3 essential training and the good news is that nothing have changed since Flash 8. So nobody will get lost with the flash CS3 😉 It really become hard to wait until I’ve it shipped… Read More »

Trends Stats 2.0 in Politics

A graph comparing book sales on computer languages between January 2006 and January 2007 revealed that ActionAcript book represented less than 5% of the market [via O’Reilly Radar]. Let’s compare this stats with a blog analyses, just to see how much blogging and buzz can be taken seriously for a new way of making statistics.… Read More »

Don’t reinvent the wheel…

You like to use 3D in your flash animation but you are lazy to code the 3d motor? I’ve just been pointed out about the 3DEnvironment which is a Flash component to create a fast 3D environment with a minimum of effort. It works in Flash 8 (or MX 2004) and you can use any… Read More »

Tracking mouse leaving the Flash Player (AS3)

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”200″ width=”300″ /] Actionscript 3.0 allow us to detect easily when the mouse leave the Flash Player, making it possible to avoid strange behavior of our clip. For example during “drag and drop” it can be useful to know when the mouse leave the stage. To do this you just have to use… Read More »

Flash Player Auto-Update : Quite a good news !

I got a nice surprise when trying to solve some connection trouble on the pc of my future wife, after installing Internet Explorer 7 and rebooting the pc, a pop up appear at the start of the pc : A new Flash Player is ready to be downloaded. Woaaw, seems that Flash Player auto update… Read More »