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Flash Player 10 named: Astro

Good news from Emmy Huang, Flash 10 is now officially codenamed “ASTRO”. The changes were so impressive with Flash Player 9, I’m wondering what they will do this time to free up our imagination. Mike Huntingtonhas to set up a whishlist, so if you got any idea go for it. Flash Player 10 will be… Read More »

20.65% of the top 5000 sites use Flash ?

This result surprised me, really. I thought that it would be much higher. I understand that it is not a worldwide statistics but app. 1/5 of top 5000 sites using Flash is really not a good sign or is it? Hard to find information to compare Flash against other technologies, maybe because Flash is quite… Read More »

Papervision3D Public Beta

Since the first time I’ve heard about Papervision I’ve always been stunned by the demo provided. Today is a great day as they are going live for their Public Beta. Papervision3D moves from private testing to a full public beta. Everybody is welcome to download and start playing with it. We believe you will find… Read More »

3D Pathfinding in AS3

[via: Beedigital, draw.logic] Source code to download of pathfinding with AS3 in 3D! The actionscript architect Paul Spitzer has posted two killer demos of pathfinding using A* in AS3/Flash 9 using the Away3D engine (derivative of Papervision3D that is taking off) and you can download the source for both. These demos not only highlight the… Read More »

AIR Panel for Flash

Grant Skinner has post an update of his AIR Panel for Flash. you can have all the installation instruction from his previous post. The AIR Panel works very good here 🙂 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

New Actionscript 3 tutorials

Tomorrow, I’ll have my last exam for this year, and then finish for University for some month 😉 During the last 3 month I haven’t published any new video tutorial about Flash CS3, but they are coming soon! One will be about interacting with a Database, the other will be about interaction between javascript and… Read More »