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IMEI and Flash Lite Bug with Bluetooth

I recently have noticed a bug in my Flash Lite app, the Imei Number (Identification Number of Mobile Phone) won’t show sometime, first I thought about an error of my part, but the same application would sometimes work and some other time won’t. Well it’s seems that when you got a Bluetooth link working, your… Read More »

High-Definition TV from your Cell Phone

[…]A cell phone that can project a high-definition television image could soon be possible, say researchers at Cornell University who have developed a new microelectromechanical system (MEMS) for rapidly scanning wide areas with a laser. A projector based on the device would be about the size of dime and could cast a meter-wide image on… Read More »

Is Mobile VoIP To Boom?

[…]Mobile VoIP is expected to surpass fixed VoIP revenue by 2012, according to a study developed by Analysys. […] The capacity, cost per megabyte and quality of service of existing 3G cellular technologies [are] not yet adequate to support a significant move to wireless VoIP services. […] Exactly what I thought, price are too expansive… Read More »

Flash Lite Device Profile Update

Just had the info from the Flash Mobile Group : new device profile update(#4) for Flash Lite Emulator. Device Profiles on Adobe. Addition of the following new devices that support Flash Lite 1.1: * iriver U10 * Motorola L7 * Nokia 5500 * Nokia 6131 * Nokia 6136 * Nokia 6233 * Nokia 6234 *… Read More »

What slows mobile development?

In my point of view, mobile world has 3 big problematic, first is Os and Platform and the wide variety of mobile generation, second is connection cost, third is user expectation. It’s how I see the mobile world from Switzerland, I don’t know how is it in the rest of the world but to begin… Read More »

Google Webmaster Central

Google has opened new tools for webmastering. Those tools added with Google analytics can offer a good overview of your website (from Google Bot point of view). […]comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes websites. You can learn here how to ensure that your site is easily crawled and indexed and access tools that… Read More »

Mobile Innovations of the Future

Just read from mobile-weblog a link to Six Mobile Innovations that Will Change Your Life. – Mobile payment – Mobile presence – Ubiquitous computing – Ubiquitous media – Health applications – People (and object) tracking Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Meeting Fscommand2 with Flash Lite 2.0

Here a little example about using Fscommand2 with Flash Lite, you can access some low level (not really but kind of) information about Network, Player Memory, Platform and so on. As you can guess it doesn’t work on Flash Player(that why what you see bug) but it works well in emulator and on FlashLite2 Player.… Read More »

Introducing problem in Java Micro Edition

Interesting post from Munja where he makes a work around about Java Micro Edition most obvious problems. […] The force of java was always portability, on the other hand: compile once run everywhere. In the world of desktop java this promise is respected (even if in opinion of some colleagues it is more like: compile… Read More »

J2Mobile : J2ME and Mobile World

J2Mobile is a new blog that was born on last Friday. I’ve made it for the students (and some of the teacher) of the Advanced Systems Object Group from Geneva University (were I’m student). It is not an official blog from Geneva University. We will mostly talk about J2ME, the Mobile World and obviously from… Read More »

Next Generation Wireless Applications

I just finished reading this book (it’s already an old book from 2004), about the Next Generation Wireless Applications written by Paul Golding. It’s a very refreshing book that give a good review of what is now possible with mobile phone. The introduction chapter gives an example about how mobile phone could be use in… Read More »

Flash Lite Texts Enhancements

I was a bit disappointed with FL, I tried to load a CSS but nothing happened. A few click later I knew that FL does not support CSS. What we can do is very basic, but there is still things to do with dynamic text. FL support some Html tags : p (with align), br,… Read More »

Composite Capabilities / Preference Profiles and User Agent Profile

I’ve just found a very nice information article about CC/CP from the university of California, Berkeley : Unified Data Model for Mobile Information Services The goal is to provide a structured format to describe device capabilities and user preferences for the purpose of adapting contents to a device. There is also a useful list of… Read More »

Video time-warping machine with a tangible deformable screen

The KHRONOS PROJECTOR, […]go beyond these forms of exclusive temporal control, by giving the user an entirely new dimension to play with: by touching the projection screen, the user is able to send parts of the image forward or backwards in time. By actually touching a deformable projection screen, shaking it or curling it, separate… Read More »