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Using gesture as an interface for mobile applications

[Via Nokia Blogs] The WII remote control is giving some fresh idea to some developers, just look at these youTube [1,2]. That’s a great way to use the Nokia 5500 in-built accelerometers… […]My proposition in the whole talk was that using Nintendo and the DS and Wii as an inspiration for attracting a non-traditional gamer… Read More »

Linking J2ME with Flash Lite

First read over Marco Casario Blog Great news from 3GSM, Bluestreak Technology announced the future release of their MachBlue™ Mobile. From there website: Technical Highlights Greatly exceeds the graphic capabilities of JAVA, BREW, and other native languages Supports large subset of Flash® 7 and ActionScript 2 Developer-friendly platform allows use of industry-standard Flash® authoring tools… Read More »

Internet Report 2006

The Internet Report of 2006 is out (since December) by ITU (International Telecommunication Union). It’s small and free, there’s a lot of interesting graph there 🙂 Have it from the Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Free Wifi Everywhere: Whisher

Initially I’ve heard about it during the Liftconference. WHISHER allows you to share your WiFi and roam the world freely, chat, talk and share files at high speed. Download it now for free! The map seems completely empty by now but it might be just a question of time. I love the idea of free… Read More »

More news about Mobile World

Some links to new post on the blog of the project I work on at University. I hope to give them some more web visibility by posting them here also: Literacy, Communication and design Mobile Social Networking Taking off Sign Language Via Cell Phone Also if you still haven’t try foxytag, please do it.  … Read More »

Flash Lite 3 Is Coming… Soon!

2007 is going to be great for developers and service providers using Adobe technologies. The CS3 suite is coming soon and I’ve just read, via actionscript hero ,that Flash Lite 3 is also going to be release in the half of 2007. The big news about Flash Lite 3: video! With Flash Lite 2 the… Read More »

100 seconds: Mobile TV News

Since middle of November I’m working as a Multimedia Operator for the 100 seconds a service proposed by Swisscom and created (content) by TSR. The idea is to get the news as soon (or nearly) as they arrived in the Media Channel (EVN, Swiss Ring, …). From 6 am to 23 pm, you get alert(sms… Read More »

GPS loves GSM :)

Telko from J2Mobile has write a post about the fast introduction of GPS in mobile, and also point out the passage from JSR82 to JSR179. But all these news are for J2ME, I hope that Adobe Flash Lite developers will create for us an API for bluetooth/ GPS with Flash Lite 3.0. But I guess… Read More »

Mobile Registration Process

I had to create a simple system to validate the user of a mobile phone, for our social-Gps based soft. The main point to be validate is the email and the phone number. So here’s how I did it : Subscription Process The new user have to fill a form with different information (phone number… Read More »

Wireless power!

Incredible but soon real! […]The concept exploits century-old physics and could work over distances of many metres[…]A simple copper antenna designed to have long-lived resonance could transfer energy to a laptop with its own antenna resonating at the same frequency. The computer would be truly wireless.[…] Read more from BBC Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Get paid for the work you’ve done

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”208″ width=”180″ /] Here is a little application I’ve developed, still in beta but Free 😉 The application name is meTimer, the main goal is to count the time you spend doing some work. It need Flash Lite Player 2 installed on your mobile. For example, as a freelance you may work on… Read More »

From Flash Lite to SIS

I’ve been lately doing a few research on Flash Lite topic. In my point of view, one of the best arguments of Flash Lite was XML capabilities and Shared Object Shared Object definition from flash help: Flash Lite shared objects lets you save data persistently to the user’s device. For example, you might use a… Read More »

From Objects to Mobile Systems and Services

The Advanced Systems Group from Geneva University has release there 2006 Technical report. It’s a collection of 17 papers talking about passing from Objects to Mobile Systems and Services. Here what you will find : 1.Mobile Health Care: Towards a Commercialization of Research Results 2.Context-aware QoS Provisioning in an m-health Service Platform 3.Towards QoS-awareness of… Read More »