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Markup Validation Service Beta 0.8.0

The W3C offer to test the new beta of the W3C html/Xhtml validator services (checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, etc.) There are a number of cosmetic and UI changes, but the biggest difference is under the hood: the new validator is using a new library as a wrapper around its… Read More »

Mobile Site Checker

Via Nokia Blog Forum. Some services to test if your website is ready to go for mobile or not. As far as I know there are two service providers: Bango Bango gives you a score from 0 (not designed for mobile phone) to 5. gives a much better analyses of your mobile web… Read More »

A mobile web developer’s guide

While reading Scott Janousek’s blog (a post about creating and testing mobile web sites with Adobe CS3), I followed a link to a free Mobile Developer’s Guide. The book is interesting and gives a nice overview of what mobile developer can do to offer a better experience to their visitors. In Switzerland it is definitely… Read More »

Make phone numbers link clickable to dial on mobile phones.

Nice tips from Scriptygoddess on how to make phone numbers link clickable to dial on mobile phones. <a href=”wtai://wp/mc;8015551212″> 801-555-1212 </a> It works great on LoFi mobile devices but will not work on HiFi (Smartphones) devices. On Smartphones, you want to use the tel extension: <a href=”tel:XXXXXX”>Call</a>   1 Kudos Don'tmove!

Creating CSS with Photoshop CS3

It’s easy as long as you know where to click! Compare to Photoshop CS2 it’s the same but not at the same place… First create all your slices [press K in Photoshop]. Then:   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Structural Web Marketing: free E-Book

Nearly one month ago, I had my public presentation of my Licence. I promised you to put it online, now it’s done. It was about structural web marketing or how using fundamentals structures from Internet and web-marketing methods to promulgate the popularity of a website for the distribution of a mobile application (FoxyTag). I will,… Read More »