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The Fundamentals of Search Engines

I finaly had the time to put online one chapter of my licence: The Fundamentals of Search Engines. It’s a very basic explaination of how a search engines works and how we can use the tools of those search engines to understand how they work. In this case it’s mostly about Google. I will slowly… Read More »

Dreamweaver CS3 Online Documentation

Following my yesterday link to the Flash CS3 online documentation, here is the link to the Dreamweaver Online Documentation. To access all the Dreamweaver documentation you can head to the Dreamweaver “help resources center“. For me the most interesting is: Spry 1.4 Developer Guide Dreamweaver API Reference Have fun! Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Player 9 Penetration

Yesterday I wrote about the new “CS3 essential training” from Lynda and said that the penetration for the Flash Player 9 was about 50%. I had a comment from Benz that told me the penetration of the Flash Player is 83.4% according to Emmy Huang’s blog. Those number are higher that what I observed on… Read More »

Explore the connections between related websites

It’s not often that I talk about Java app but this time I found one really interesting for illustrating a presentation I’ll be doing. Touchgraph help you to visualize the connection between related websites. In clear and from their website: TouchGraph’s innovative clustering algorithms automatically reveal the categories within the networked structure. The TouchGraph Google… Read More »

19 things not to do when building a website

Josiah Cole has compiled a not so small list of fundamentals rules that webmasters must learn. It’s almost the same as we hear every time : avoid boring your visitors with some useless scripts and design. Nevertheless this list can be useful, just to remember the basis of webmastering to you or your co-worker. And… Read More »

Who’s amung us ?

Just a little try, I like the script. Maybe it will join my right column soon, if result are good enough 😉 Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Flash Player Auto-Update : Quite a good news !

I got a nice surprise when trying to solve some connection trouble on the pc of my future wife, after installing Internet Explorer 7 and rebooting the pc, a pop up appear at the start of the pc : A new Flash Player is ready to be downloaded. Woaaw, seems that Flash Player auto update… Read More »

CSS Advisor beta : An Online CSS Cookbook

The news was nearly unseen with the release of Photoshop CS3, but Adobe has also release a new web tools as beta : CSS Advisor. We already heard of if during presentation of Dreamweaver 9 (or CS3 ?) but I didn’t knew it was out. It’s a “cookbook” style site, with problem, solution and Detailed… Read More »

FOTB Note List

No time for me to assist to FOTB, but I’ve found some resources about it on the web. The first I wanted to share is the note presentation of Francis Bourre about “Everything you always wanted to know about a game development but were afraid to ask”. Full of information and links, an useful reading.… Read More »

Kuler, create and share color theme

Adobe release a new web based app to create and share color theme online. Really nice work and it’s working great. For non graphist like me it’s a great tool to get correct color theme 😉 Visit Kuler website. Ahmet   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

The End ;)

After 3 month, my last project in Flash development comes to an end. Today our customer has accepted the final version. I was asked to develop a Flash interface for displaying video (flv) and to interconnect with database information by XML. You can check here the final project. I worked with a great team on… Read More »

Google Webmaster Central

Google has opened new tools for webmastering. Those tools added with Google analytics can offer a good overview of your website (from Google Bot point of view). […]comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes websites. You can learn here how to ensure that your site is easily crawled and indexed and access tools that… Read More »

Instant Access to Google Analytics Now

Just read it at the official blog, the wait to receive a Google Analytics account has been removed. So if you haven’t an account now I warmly suggest you to make one. It gives rich informations about your website in tree point of view : the marketer, the executive, the webmaster. Check it here :… Read More »