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My First Google Check

At the beginning of this week, I’ve received my first check from Google for using Adsense. Since the start of this year I’ve been using it, to see if it could pay my hosting. I nearly have my hosting completly paid by Adsense, what surprised me is the difference between Adsense and Adwords (that I… Read More »

Building a Better Search Engine

Via Technology review, […]After 30 years, it’s finally reached a point where it can be brought into the world[…] A search engine that would finds the best answer by considering the meaning and context of the question and related Web pages, I’m dreaming about it, they said they nearly achieve it! We will have to… Read More »

Markup Validation Service Beta 0.8.0

The W3C offer to test the new beta of the W3C html/Xhtml validator services (checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, etc.) There are a number of cosmetic and UI changes, but the biggest difference is under the hood: the new validator is using a new library as a wrapper around its… Read More »

Structural Web Marketing: free E-Book

Nearly one month ago, I had my public presentation of my Licence. I promised you to put it online, now it’s done. It was about structural web marketing or how using fundamentals structures from Internet and web-marketing methods to promulgate the popularity of a website for the distribution of a mobile application (FoxyTag). I will,… Read More »

The Fundamentals of Search Engines

I finaly had the time to put online one chapter of my licence: The Fundamentals of Search Engines. It’s a very basic explaination of how a search engines works and how we can use the tools of those search engines to understand how they work. In this case it’s mostly about Google. I will slowly… Read More »

Adobe and Google: Enemies?

Very interesting blog post from Tom: Adobe: Google’s Best Kept Secret Enemy. Here is a copy from his Final thoughts about it: As you can see, Adobe and Google are squarely pitted against one another. The only problem is that they both share a common enemy: Microsoft, who is bigger and tougher than both of… Read More »

Explore the connections between related websites

It’s not often that I talk about Java app but this time I found one really interesting for illustrating a presentation I’ll be doing. Touchgraph help you to visualize the connection between related websites. In clear and from their website: TouchGraph’s innovative clustering algorithms automatically reveal the categories within the networked structure. The TouchGraph Google… Read More »

Yahoo drives more traffic than Google !

Maybe I didn’t keep well informed but for me Google was from far the most visited search engines website. But according to Alexa (a traffic ranking company), is far more visited than Google. Well, it might not be as true as they wanted us to believe. Not that Alexa is working to promote the… Read More »

YouTube could soon be snapped up by Google

WSJ: […]Web-search giant Google is in talks to acquire YouTube for roughly $1.6 billion, a person familiar with the matter says. An acquisition of the closely held company would catapult Google to the lead spot in online video at a moment when consumers are rapidly increasing the amount of time they spend viewing video clips… Read More »

Google Webmaster Central

Google has opened new tools for webmastering. Those tools added with Google analytics can offer a good overview of your website (from Google Bot point of view). […]comprehensive info about how Google crawls and indexes websites. You can learn here how to ensure that your site is easily crawled and indexed and access tools that… Read More »

Instant Access to Google Analytics Now

Just read it at the official blog, the wait to receive a Google Analytics account has been removed. So if you haven’t an account now I warmly suggest you to make one. It gives rich informations about your website in tree point of view : the marketer, the executive, the webmaster. Check it here :… Read More »