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Books I read this month

Here are the books I read this month, comming from the University Librairies, Les sites Web : conception, description et évaluation[Stockinger Peter] The Art & Science of Web Design [Jeffrey Veen] Usability for the Web [Tom Brinck, Darren Gergle, Scott Wood] Big Book of Typographics 1 and 2 [B. Duncan, Roger Walton ] Penser le… Read More »

Target Resolution Safe Area

Here’s a little table that I take from the book “Usability for the Web“(designing web sites that work). Target Platform Space Used by the Browser Target : 640 x 480 Target: 800 x 600 Target: 1024 x 768 PC         Internet Explorer 43 x 160 597 x 320 757 x 440 981… Read More »

My First Night With Premiere Pro 2.0

Well Adobe did a nice work with this version #2, the interface is clearer, lot more of new video and audio effect, and there is no problematic change for a #1.5 user. In the Audio I did noticed no difference (?), but Adobe have also realease Audition 2.0, which I will inspect as soon as… Read More »

The new Adobe tryouts are out

Permiere pro 2.0, after effects 7.0, audition 2.0,… All the tryouts are now ready to be downloaded, premiere pro is still only for windows user. Anyway be sure to meet the System requirements, and for AMD user SSE2-enabled processor IS required (AMD 64). Go to the tryouts page on By the way, adobe has… Read More »

Web users judge sites in the blink of an eye

“Unless the first impression is favourable, visitors will be out of your site before they even know that you might be offering more than your competitors,” [Lindgaard] Here a nice publication informing that potential readers can make snap decision in just 50 milliseconds and the first impression last. It’s also well known that the crucial… Read More »

What we saw when we looked Through their Eyes

I’ve found a nice article about the eye attention on a webpage. It talk about: The hompe page layout Want people to read, not scan ? Partial viewing of headlines What creates “hot spots” Where’s your navigation? What about article layout Advertising Text for facts, multimedia grpahics for unfamiliar concpets Read this article   0… Read More »

My powerbook HD crashed

I just had the joy to open my powerbook, to change my HD. This is the first time I’ve opened my powerbook and everythings went well. So now I’m back to work (exams time)! By the ways I used this tutorials to change a hard drive in a powerbook. It’s in french but well understandable.… Read More »

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.o & After Effects 7.0

Adobe premiere pro 2.0 and after effects are out now, you can take the premiere tour or the after effects tour. There still is no download tryout but it shall come soon, I hope.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Adobe 2006 Design Achievement Awards

Don’t know if u heard about it, the ADAA is open and we have until April 28, 2006 to submit our works. The official rules are : The contest is open to students enrolled in visual arts programs at accredited institutions of higher education in the 50 U.S. states, Washington, D.C., Canada, the U.K., Australia,… Read More »

Logical notation

Just to remember, here are the most used notation in logical writting (mostly used for integrity rules definition). ε : belongs ⊆ : is include in ∪ : union ∩ : intersection – : is different ∅ : is empty ∧ : and ∨ : or ¬ : is not ∀ : for all ∃… Read More »

Flashforward Film Festival Finalists

It’s time to vote for flashforward 2006, there are 15 categories of flash website. The result will be given the 1st of march. See the categories, submit your vote. The finalist have really nice website so it’s a good place for some inspiration.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Weblog Usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes

On I found a nice topics about the Top Ten Design Mistakes for Weblogs : 1. No Author Biographies 2. No Author Photo 3. Nondescript Posting Titles 4. Links Don’t Say Where They Go 5. Classic Hits are Buried 6. The Calendar is the Only Navigation 7. Irregular Publishing Frequency 8. Mixing Topics 9.… Read More »

Missing snow ?

This is not one more flash snow animation, but if you miss snow watch this video, you will have more than enough 😉   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Debugging XML files in Flash

In Flash when a XML class is loaded it has a status property which return a value between 0 and -10. Here are the values of those error. 0 = No error -2 = Character data (CDATA) not well terminated -3 = XML declaration not well terminated -4 = DOCTYPE not well terminated -5 =… Read More »