Monthly Archives: July 2006

Open source GPS Library in J2ME

From Geneva University, a class to : Convert WGS84 datum (gps) coordinates into topographics coordinates of another datum and inversely. Class to translate and transform latitude and longitude coordinates (WGS84) to Northing (Coordinates Y) and Easting (Coordinates X) and inversely. The translation model is done by the Molodensky Model. The autors are : Praplan… Read More »

Army finished, now future projects

Every Swiss man under 34 have to make 3 weeks in army (it’s much more complex in fact). I just finished mine, it was very very long and totally useless but at least now it’s over … for this year. Now I finally found an interesting topics for my master work : GPS and Flash… Read More »

Flash Lite – XML, my updated visit card

Since Flash Lite 2.0 the use of XML is now possible. So I wanted to update my old CDV made in Flash Lite 1.1. There is no special difficulties the only trouble I encounter was the loading of the XML itself. XML can only be loaded in a none absolute link. The only way I… Read More »