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Using your tongue to interact with your PC

[…]At the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition in Pensacola, researchers are developing a system that will use the tongue as the interface[…]
[…]Everything nowadays is so ubiquitous with mobile computing, and we need to find new, hands-free ways of interacting for environments where your hands and eyes are busy[…]

From Sci-Tech Today

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Usability Resources List

In no particular order here are some link to usability resources, don’t hesitate to complete it 😉
Flash Usability
Alertbox: Jakob Nielsen’s Newsletter
Heuristic Evaluation
Usability News
Usability News 2/
Usability News 3/
Adaptive path » user experience publications
Web Pages That Suck
Web Design from Scratch
Guidelines for Accessible and Usable Web Sites
Usability Research Lab
Usability Views
Isys Information Architects
Universal Usability in Practice
Guild of Accessible Web Designers
Usability and user centred design resources to practitioners
IBM Usability and design
I’ll try to keep updating this list as long as possible but you can also directly connect to my on usability.

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Web 2.0 ?

I found on digg a new post about Web 2.0 design. I must admit that I’m a bit lost with Web 2.0. For me Web 2.0 is a new paradigm in how the user will interact with the web and not a new paradigm on how will the information be presented to the user. There seems to be a big confusion about what is really web 2.0 and I’m not the one who will teach you about this topic. Anyway here’s a little resume of what I was taught about web 2.0 :

  • The connexion is permanent and viable
  • Intermediary are less used
  • Publication is helped ( i.e : blog)
  • Development is helped with Object Oriented Programming (component)
  • Aggregation is wanted and no more forced by the technical infrastructure and the history of the network
  • It’s more about peer 2 peers between users
  • The approach is focus on the user and the user do participate
  • Tim O’Reilly has write a great article about What Is Web 2.0
    Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.

    It seems that the most popular feature is Rich User Experiences with graphic design constraint :

    Simple, Clean, Columned with light colour and rounded corner and […]

    And this is just a time-limited fashion I guess.
    I never heard yet about the new video technologies that on my point of view are really a nice change in how the web will be.

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    Website update :)

    Finally I managed to finish (or something that look like finish) the new version of my website. My old one was really a mess !
    I hope this version is clearer than the old one. I hesitated a lot before publishing it, as always doing new project gives me new perspectives to webdesign, and the time I finalize a version, it already appear to me “oldy”.
    Anyway if you want to give a look and tell me what you think of it 🙂
    Metah Homepage

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    Is Microsoft waking up ?

    M$ gain my interest more and more (they started low …), it’s seems they are willing to increase the quality of the webservices they are offering. is working, and is an interesting concept. At least they prove use they want to be in the game now. The Live ideas is full of beta (13), and they remake all this days popular webservices. Majority vs Google services (Gmail, Gmobile), Windows Live Favorites vs, Windows Live Expo vs Flickr, …
    I don’t talk about Expression, as I haven’t tested it now.
    Anyway it’s good to see that Microsoft take his challenger role seriously 😉
    On my point of view they are making too much, they take the risk to make a lot of pseudo-copy, and not a single top ranked good services. And with the little part of the search uses they got (1/4 of the search are done with msn, if I remember well) this may not be the good solution. Time will say.

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    New Flash Books

    There are new books from Friendsofed,
    And 2 did attire me greatly. I’ve already download the E-books 😉

    The first talk about my this time preferred topics :
    Flash Application Design Solutions: The Flash Usability Handbook

    Flash Application Design Solutions shows you how to harness the power of ActionScript 2.0 and make the most of the improved design tools of Flash 8 to create usable, intuitive Flash interfaces.

    The second one is called Object-Oriented ActionScript For Flash 8.

    Object-Oriented ActionScript For Flash 8 teaches the theory and practice of OOP with ActionScript.

    As always you can download the source directly from the page’s book.

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    Ethical quotation system

    Nice website that tracks the ethical reputation of multinational companies.

    […]Thousands of positive and negative > news are quantified, coded and synthetized into dynamic curves and rankings. This ethical quotation system allows stakeholders to raise companies awareness by > transmitting information towards the public and financial markets[…]

    That a nice idea isn’t it ?
    See it.

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