Monthly Archives: October 2006

From Objects to Mobile Systems and Services

The Advanced Systems Group from Geneva University has release there 2006 Technical report. It’s a collection of 17 papers talking about passing from Objects to Mobile Systems and Services. Here what you will find : 1.Mobile Health Care: Towards a Commercialization of Research Results 2.Context-aware QoS Provisioning in an m-health Service Platform 3.Towards QoS-awareness of… Read More »

Celebrating 1 Year of blogging

1 year ago I wrote my first post on this blog 😉 To celebrate this year of writing I wanted to share with you the examples I made for my “introduction to Actionscript 2.0” lessons in June. Some of those examples are from the Flash Help Documentation. There are 7 chapter from an introduction to… Read More »

ActionScript 3.0 Books are here !

I just discover at O’Reilly that the new book from Colin Moock is out in “Rough Cuts Version”. It’s really time to learn AS3 and even more for people only used to develop using a non object oriented programming language. The publication date for Essential ActionSript 3.0 is in June 2007, but with rough cuts… Read More »

YouTube could soon be snapped up by Google

WSJ: […]Web-search giant Google is in talks to acquire YouTube for roughly $1.6 billion, a person familiar with the matter says. An acquisition of the closely held company would catapult Google to the lead spot in online video at a moment when consumers are rapidly increasing the amount of time they spend viewing video clips… Read More »

IMEI and Flash Lite Bug with Bluetooth

I recently have noticed a bug in my Flash Lite app, the Imei Number (Identification Number of Mobile Phone) won’t show sometime, first I thought about an error of my part, but the same application would sometimes work and some other time won’t. Well it’s seems that when you got a Bluetooth link working, your… Read More »