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Massloading API (Flash AS3 Framework for the massive loading)

Tonight at AUGG Cédric Tabin presented us his “massloading API”, (MASAPI project) for AS3.

The target of the Masapi is to provide a complete framework dedicated to the management of the massive loading into a flash/flex application. It is designed to be as easy as possible to use but also to be as flexible as possible.

There are the main features that the framework supports :

  • Multi files download (GlobalSequential MassLoader)
  • Overall progress
  • Parallel files management
  • Priority of a file
  • Cache management
  • Supported load managers : URLLoader, Loader, Sound, URLStream
  • Pause/Resume the massive loading
  • Application file dependencies

The API is composed of 27 classes and 13 interfaces, all done by Cédric!
In two words: manage a large amount of files to be loaded, manage their dependencies in one well done API.
Great work Cédric!
More information about his API on Google Code as the MASAPI Project
Soon the video of his presentation will be uploaded on AUGG


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Adobe Exceeds Profit Expectations

Adobe Logo

Adobe Systems, the world’s largest maker of design software, reported quarterly results and targets ahead of Wall Street expectations on strong sales of its updated suite of products.

Net income for the fiscal third quarter ended Aug. 31 rose to $205.2 million, or 34 cents a diluted share, compared with $94.4 million, or 16 cents a diluted share, in the year-earlier quarter. Revenue rose to $852 million, from $602 million a year earlier.

“It was a very solid quarter with very strong Creative Suite adoption,” said Brad Reback, an analyst with CIBC World Markets, referring to the design software. “And a very solid outlook.”

Via Times


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My First Google Check

At the beginning of this week, I’ve received my first check from Google for using Adsense. Since the start of this year I’ve been using it, to see if it could pay my hosting. I nearly have my hosting completly paid by Adsense, what surprised me is the difference between Adsense and Adwords (that I use for my work). For what I’ve noticed, please tell me if I’m wrong, an Adsense user will have 1/10 of what an Adwords users will pay.

Google Check

My experience with Adwords is mostly negative, it asked me a lot of times to define Adwords to optimize the little money we were investing. Here are 5 tips that i find out for a more rational use of Adwords.

  1. Find our your keywords, synonyms and position (can use my seo position tool)
  2. Use the keywords tool from Adwords to have multiple keywords with advertiser competition, choose the lower (it will be cheaper)
  3. Find out website strong on your important keywords and place add on them. Do not just buy keywords, I did and most of the website displaying my adds where spams blog in China.
  4. Depending on how much global your business is, define the Countries and Territories where your adds will appear.
  5. Make several campaign, but never forget that adds are for ROI not for popularity, so do all possible to improve your website landing page.


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Flash Player 10 named: Astro

Astro Boy : Flash 10 Good news from Emmy Huang
, Flash 10 is now officially codenamed “ASTRO”.

The changes were so impressive with Flash Player 9, I’m wondering what they will do this time to free up our imagination.
Mike Huntingtonhas to set up a whishlist, so if you got any idea go for it.
Flash Player 10 will be presented at MAX 2007 (too bad I can’t go 🙁 ).

My wish is to be able to load HTML via an AIR application and to display any Flash (or Silverlight why not?) contained in the file.


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20.65% of the top 5000 sites use Flash ?

This result surprised me, really. I thought that it would be much higher. I understand that it is not a worldwide statistics but app. 1/5 of top 5000 sites using Flash is really not a good sign or is it?
Hard to find information to compare Flash against other technologies, maybe because Flash is quite alone on this market? Silverlight, want to compete with Flash but it represents only 0.08% of the top 5000 website (ok they are too young on the market). We could also think about Javascipt / Ajax to build the same user experience but I couldn’t find any stats about the use of Javascript on top websites.
We could try to analyze this from the user point of view. Adobe claims that 90% of the web users on mature market have Flash Player 9 installed (in June 2007) and 99% got Flash Player 7 installed. That might lead us to think Flash is very commonly used on the web, but cannot inform us about the top website. For Javascript, the penetration is 96% (4% don’t have Javascript in September 2007).

Final conclusion, with a so deep penetration of the Flash Player we can only be happy to develop for the Flash Player 😉


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Welcome Home, CS3 Master Jedi! (or how to install CS3 Master Suite in 4 steps)

Adobe Vista Yesterday I received my so much awaited CS3 Master Jedi (I hope it’s a good sign for my exams). Full of joy I inserted the first DVD and launched the setup … and nothing happened, not even an error, just nothing (imagine the frustration).
Hopefully the solution is the same as I already wrote about using the single trial software, only a few more steps are required.

So here are the 4 steps: do it carefully, but here you got a working solution:

  1. To begin uninstall all the previous Adobe stuff on your drive, Adobe released an uninstaller doing this very well. They offer two levels but in fact there are 4 (level 4 will erase Adobe and Macromedia stuff)
  2. Uninstall done? Great, now we need to have sufficient right to do the installation, simply run the command prompt (as an Administrator) and type in “regsvr32 jscript.dll“.
  3. Turn your anti-virus and firewall off, who said that security and user friendliness wasn’t compatible?
  4. Launch the setup.exe from the DVD, and it should work, now just wait that the 4 DVDs get installed (I’m writing this post, smoking a cigar and drinking a Pastis 😉 )

Now you just have to install the add-ons contained in the Master Suite.

Master CS3 Installed

Enjoy great Adobe stuff now!


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