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Dealing with PowerShell Execution Policy

I’m generally a huge fan of security features, as long as they don’t go in my way. Today, the PS execution policy actually came in my way, so a quick way to remove it is here:

Set-ExecutionPolicy -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -Scope CurrentUser

Use it at your own risk, this will remove the execution policy security for your current user. You can find all the needed information from TechNet.

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Last day at Bing Ads, Monday will be my first day at Bing Web Data Platform

In September 2012, I joined the Bing Ads team, working on the delivery engine, where I had a blast! Working on an online system, with such a massive scale (Bing is now serving 20% of all US search queries) and with so high expectation (latency, availability, …) really made the journey a thrill. I learned a lot, I learned to be a PM (I was a engineer in test before), I learned how to build systems that scale, and I learned to be obsess with metrics (in Ads revenue is a big deal obviously).

So why do I change if things are so exiting?

Challenge yourself!

I love the feeling of being new to a team, having to learn and having to understand a lot of things. When the day to day life becomes dull, it’s generally a signal for me that I should be looking around for opportunities.

But if I stayed …

I spoke with a bunch of folks (in Seattle area) that are staying in their current position, hoping to get a promotion soon, or too afraid of being challenged. I don’t believe it’s the right approach, keep challenging yourself, you can only become better this way!

If we worked together during these past years, thank you, I had a blast!


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