Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace

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Just a quick link to an interesting study from danah boyd about class divisions through Facebook and MySpace.

MySpace is still home for Latino/Hispanic teens, immigrant teens, “burnouts,” “alternative kids,” “art fags,” punks, emos, goths, gangstas, queer kids, and other kids who didn’t play into the dominant high school popularity paradigm. These are kids whose parents didn’t go to college, who are expected to get a job when they finish high school. These are the teens who plan to go into the military immediately after schools. Teens who are really into music or in a band are also on MySpace. MySpace has most of the kids who are socially ostracized at school because they are geeks, freaks, or queers.

I clearly don’t have the language to comfortably talk about what’s going on, but I think that this issue is important and needs to be considered. I feel as though the implications are huge. Marketers have already figured this out – they know who to market to where. Policy creators have figured this out – they know how to control different populations based on where they are networking. Have social workers figured it out? Or educators? What does it mean that our culture of fear has further divided a generation? What does it mean that, in a society where we can’t talk about class, we can see it play out online? And what does it mean in a digital world where no one’s supposed to know you’re a dog, we can guess your class background based on the tools you use?

And what about people bloggin about new technologies?
Are we all from the same “social classes” or only from the same “object oriented classes”?


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Mobile Site Checker

Maximize your mobile visitors

Via Nokia Blog Forum. Some services to test if your website is ready to go for mobile or not.
As far as I know there are two service providers:

Bango gives you a score from 0 (not designed for mobile phone) to 5. gives a much better analyses of your mobile web site (Readiness, Size, Time & Cost for the visitor and if it is W3C valid).
Check here if want to be sure that your mobile web site is conform to the W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0


A mobile web developer’s guide

While reading Scott Janousek’s blog (a post about creating and testing mobile web sites with Adobe CS3), I followed a link to a free Mobile Developer’s Guide.
The book is interesting and gives a nice overview of what mobile developer can do to offer a better experience to their visitors.
In Switzerland it is definitely two early for mobile web site, mobile data transfers are too high to create a real market and services are not enough “2.0”. Anyway I had develop a version of my site for mobile phone ( but I had very few success with it (it’s already two year old) and the book made me realize that I really need to do a new version (I’m too lazy…).

Mobile Web Developers Guide

Have a nice read ;)