Choosing the right job

“I itch to do something new”, this is how a PM I’m mentoring explained why she is considering new opportunities. “I really didn’t like the people I talked with, and the business is not going to grow further” mentioned a good friend of mine about his recent experience interviewing at a company.   Changing jobs… Read More »

Running 1:1s

It’s part of a manager roles to have weekly 1:1 with people in your team and your peers. In this post, I’ll focus only on the 1:1s with people reporting to you. Manager Contract When someone new join my team or when I join a new team, I’m asking a set of questions to my… Read More »

Product Management 101

The intention for this page is to capture bits and pieces of knowledge on product management… Product strategy How do we make the product vision a reality, while meeting the needs of the company as we go. It requires choice, thinking, and effort. Once the product strategy is defined, goals and roadmap need to be… Read More »

Extracting action and meeting intents from communication

I was recently able to make good progress on a side project that I’ve been working on for some time. The idea is to have a ‘virtual assistant’ that will find action and meeting intents from the different channels of communication I’m using daily, for work or personally. Being always remote means that the digital… Read More »

Display GitHub files on WordPress

I’ve been struggling a bit to find a good way to display files hosted on GitHub on my blog directly. I didn’t like that most plugins uses Gist which doesn’t allow for a nice collaboration. I have received some good recommendation about improving codes that I shared some time ago. I’d prefer a system where… Read More »

Azure Machine Learning Deployment at Scale Using ARM and AMLPS.

Introduction In this post, I will demonstrate how to do a simple but useful scenario when managing Azure Machine Learning Workspaces and Experiments, copying all the experiments under one workspace, deploy a new workspace using ARM (Azure Resource Manager) in another region, and then copy the experiment under the newly deployed workspace. Preparation You will… Read More »

The lean startup – book notes

The lean startup by Eric Ries is a very interesting book about creating a successful business. It’s really a great read even if you are not working in a startup. Actually most large company moved away from previous development processes that didn’t adapt well to the new technologies. In today world, we ship software daily, sometimes… Read More »

What makes a team effective?

I often wonder what makes some team more effective than other. Why I felt more empowered in some team compared to some others. The simplistic reasons that pops to mind are about the quality of the leadership and the joy experimented at work. The People Operation team at Google shared interesting conclusions from a study… Read More »