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Adobe Developer Week

[From Adobe Dev Center]

For the first time ever, Adobe will host an online Developer Week conference, June 12–16, to share with developers the background and significance behind the Adobe Engagement Platform—and provide real-world sessions to illustrate how the platform works, the Adobe products it comprises—such as Flex—and its impact on the developer community.

I’ll try to watch the more possible but 3 have already catched my attention :

  • ActionScript 3.0 for Flash & RIA Developers
  • Adobe’s Next Gen RIA Technology
  • Building Killer Desktop RIAs
  • I can’t wait to see the presentation about AS3 for Flash (9?)

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    Flash Statistics update

    Nearly two month ago I published my Flash Stats Engine, now here are the result I get from it and the use of other stats engine. Data was gathered from more than 6000 different IP. On system that did already have Flash Player 7 installed and javascript enabled, this is the first bias. The second bias is the « kind of people » surfing on this site may be more up to date than average people on the web.

    Flash Player & Javascript :

  • 90% of the user with have a version equal or bigger than 8.
  • 99% of user had javascript enabled.
  • Screens:

  • Most of the users (nearly 60%) have a screen resolution in X bigger or equal to 1280 px.
  • Most of the users (nearly 55%) have a screen resolution in Y bigger than 600 px but smaller than 1024. But 47% have a screen resolution in Y bigger than 1024.
  • Nearly 100% of users have a 72 DPI screen.
  • Only 1% of users have a resolution equal to 800×600.

  • See the data

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    Google Analytics Invitation

    Google Analytics Logo

    After months of patient waiting I finally received an invitation code for Google Analytics.
    It gives a lot of useful statistics about different views from Marketing Optimization and Content Optimization. I warmly suggest it if you aren’t happy with your statistics tools. There even is a stats about Flash version.

    Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI[…]

    Now I think they got some more resources, so send them back your email.

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    Video time-warping machine with a tangible deformable screen


    […]go beyond these forms of exclusive temporal control, by giving the user an entirely new dimension to play with: by touching the projection screen, the user is able to send parts of the image forward or backwards in time. By actually touching a deformable projection screen, shaking it or curling it, separate “islands of time” as well as “temporal waves”[…]

    Here’s a simplified version.

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    MovieClip ScrollBar

    I had to made a scrollbar for a movieClip created by ActionScript. All that ended with a function:
    ScrollMc(MovieClip2Scroll, ScrollBarMc);
    It supports all movieClip (at least I hope, tell me if not) and you can have multiple scrollbar over multiple MC (multiple scrollbar for one MC also work).
    [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”300″ width=”400″ /]
    Download source + exemple
    This function also needs a movicClip, which contain the Scrolling graphics.
    You can resize and reposition all Scrolling graphics, as it is totally actionscripted.
    There are still improvements to do, I’ll fix it later.

    [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”400″ width=”450″ /]

    You can find other scrolling method for movieClip,
    Kirupa published a good tutorial with source
    On, another source

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    Aperture future in question

    Aperture box

    Apple recently asked the engineering team behind its Aperture photo editing and management software to leave[…]

    […] hope for Aperture’s future is that the application’s problems are said to be so extensive that any version 2.0 would require major portions of code to be entirely rewritten. […] an entirely new engineering team could salvage the software […]

    Full article from ThinkSecret

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    Flv Player mixed with Xml

    For a project I had to make a little flash player linked with XML.
    It can also be used as a videofolio, at least I hope so 😉
    Here it is:
    [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”400″ width=”450″ /]
    Sources Fla, Xml, As or FullSize Demo

    To make it work for your use just edits:

  • extraitFLV_xml.load("../myFlv.xml");
  • = "../skin.swf";

  • You’ll found both in the Flvplayback.fla file.

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    Internet Explorer 7 : Quick Tabs

    It’s not often that I speak happily from Internet Explorer (IE) because of all the time they make me loose … But this time they have made a nice update to IE (only for Internet Explorer 7), the QuickTabs (Ctrl + Q) button will, once clicked, show you all the tabs you have opened in IE within this windows.

    QuickTabs exemple

    For an everyday work it’s not very useful I guess, but for a presentation using webpages it can be useful and even has a good look and feel.

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