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Adobe Developer Week

[From Adobe Dev Center] For the first time ever, Adobe will host an online Developer Week conference, June 12–16, to share with developers the background and significance behind the Adobe Engagement Platform—and provide real-world sessions to illustrate how the platform works, the Adobe products it comprises—such as Flex—and its impact on the developer community. I’ll… Read More »

Flash Statistics update

Nearly two month ago I published my Flash Stats Engine, now here are the result I get from it and the use of other stats engine. Data was gathered from more than 6000 different IP. On system that did already have Flash Player 7 installed and javascript enabled, this is the first bias. The second… Read More »

Google Analytics Invitation

After months of patient waiting I finally received an invitation code for Google Analytics. It gives a lot of useful statistics about different views from Marketing Optimization and Content Optimization. I warmly suggest it if you aren’t happy with your statistics tools. There even is a stats about Flash version. Google Analytics tells you everything… Read More »

How to Design Flash Pages for Google

Interesting article about designing pages for Google found on by J. Gonzalez. It explain how to use the Flash Search Engine SDK (win/lnx only). Flash Search Engine SDK emulate how would Google analyze your swf.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Video time-warping machine with a tangible deformable screen

The KHRONOS PROJECTOR, […]go beyond these forms of exclusive temporal control, by giving the user an entirely new dimension to play with: by touching the projection screen, the user is able to send parts of the image forward or backwards in time. By actually touching a deformable projection screen, shaking it or curling it, separate… Read More »

MovieClip ScrollBar

I had to made a scrollbar for a movieClip created by ActionScript. All that ended with a function: ScrollMc(MovieClip2Scroll, ScrollBarMc); It supports all movieClip (at least I hope, tell me if not) and you can have multiple scrollbar over multiple MC (multiple scrollbar for one MC also work). [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”300″ width=”400″ /] Download source… Read More »

Aperture future in question

Apple recently asked the engineering team behind its Aperture photo editing and management software to leave[…] […] hope for Aperture’s future is that the application’s problems are said to be so extensive that any version 2.0 would require major portions of code to be entirely rewritten. […] an entirely new engineering team could salvage the… Read More »

Flv Player mixed with Xml

For a project I had to make a little flash player linked with XML. It can also be used as a videofolio, at least I hope so 😉 Here it is: [kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”400″ width=”450″ /] Sources Fla, Xml, As or FullSize Demo To make it work for your use just edits: extraitFLV_xml.load(“../myFlv.xml”); =… Read More »