Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

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Very good news from the Adobe labs, the Flex Component Kit allow us to create Flex component with Flash CS3:

The Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 allows you to create interactive, animated content in Flash, and use it in Flex as a Flex component. This is prerelease software.

Use the Flex Component Kit when you want to use interactive or animated Flash content in Flex. The Flex Component Kit converts your Flash content into Flex components. These components work with Flex features such as view states and transitions, skinning, and tool tips. The content can be used as a child of a Flex container, or as a skin for any Flex component.

You can have the information here.


An incredible week

This week was the most thrilling of my live, all begun with a move from our old and little flat to an other one, much nicer and bigger. Then I presented my license thesis, were I had a correct result (5.5 / 6) and finally (and the best part) I had my wedding with my dreamed wife. After spending eleven year together (from 15 to 26) it was really time for us to get married ☺

But it’s not finish… We are waiting a little baby girl for the month of June ☺

Céline, I Love You!

Flash Player 9 Penetration

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Yesterday I wrote about the new “CS3 essential training” from Lynda and said that the penetration for the Flash Player 9 was about 50%. I had a comment from Benz that told me the penetration of the Flash Player is 83.4% according to Emmy Huang’s blog.

Those number are higher that what I observed on different website I work on, even on this blog (oriented on Flash), the stats are 80% but this is not trustable with my poor 300 visitors/days.

Anyway it’s a great news as I’m wanting to work on Flash 9 at work, and good stats always are a good argument ;)


CS3 Essential Training are Here

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I hadn’t see it earlier but good news, the “essential training” from Lynda.com is online.

I’ve watched quickly the Flash CS3 essential training and the good news is that nothing have changed since Flash 8. So nobody will get lost with the flash CS3 ;)

It really become hard to wait until I’ve it shipped home, I got plenty idea with the new features offer by Flash CS3. And the penetration of the Flash Player 9 (for the CS3 version) is already at nearly 50% (statistics taken from a website with app. 20’000 visitors a day and not technologies oriented).

I just have to find a good way to arguments at my job that we need it now and not in one year…


Download Premiere Pro CS3 & After Effect *beta

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You can now find on the Adobe Labs the new version of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect *beta.

Top new features are :
Premiere Pro

Output to DVD and Blu-ray Disc
High-quality slow motion with time remapping
Direct-to-disc recording and professional on-set monitoring

Publish Adobe Encore projects to the web
Multiple project panels with smart file search
Improved editing efficiency
Output for mobile devices

After Effects

Shape Layers
Puppet tool
Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended integration
Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional integration
Per-character 3D text animation

Complete color management workflow
Adobe Clip Notes
Enhanced performance
Video for mobile

You can read a detailed review of all the new features for those products,

  • Premiere Pro CS3
  • After Effects CS3
  • Ahmet