Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3

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Very good news from the Adobe labs, the Flex Component Kit allow us to create Flex component with Flash CS3:

The Flex Component Kit for Flash CS3 allows you to create interactive, animated content in Flash, and use it in Flex as a Flex component. This is prerelease software.

Use the Flex Component Kit when you want to use interactive or animated Flash content in Flex. The Flex Component Kit converts your Flash content into Flex components. These components work with Flex features such as view states and transitions, skinning, and tool tips. The content can be used as a child of a Flex container, or as a skin for any Flex component.

You can have the information here.


An incredible week

This week was the most thrilling of my live, all begun with a move from our old and little flat to an other one, much nicer and bigger. Then I presented my license thesis, were I had a correct result (5.5 / 6) and finally (and the best part) I had my wedding with my dreamed wife. After spending eleven year together (from 15 to 26) it was really time for us to get married ☺

But it’s not finish… We are waiting a little baby girl for the month of June ☺

Céline, I Love You!

Flash Player 9 Penetration

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Yesterday I wrote about the new “CS3 essential training” from Lynda and said that the penetration for the Flash Player 9 was about 50%. I had a comment from Benz that told me the penetration of the Flash Player is 83.4% according to Emmy Huang’s blog.

Those number are higher that what I observed on different website I work on, even on this blog (oriented on Flash), the stats are 80% but this is not trustable with my poor 300 visitors/days.

Anyway it’s a great news as I’m wanting to work on Flash 9 at work, and good stats always are a good argument ;)


CS3 Essential Training are Here

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I hadn’t see it earlier but good news, the “essential training” from Lynda.com is online.

I’ve watched quickly the Flash CS3 essential training and the good news is that nothing have changed since Flash 8. So nobody will get lost with the flash CS3 ;)

It really become hard to wait until I’ve it shipped home, I got plenty idea with the new features offer by Flash CS3. And the penetration of the Flash Player 9 (for the CS3 version) is already at nearly 50% (statistics taken from a website with app. 20’000 visitors a day and not technologies oriented).

I just have to find a good way to arguments at my job that we need it now and not in one year…


Download Premiere Pro CS3 & After Effect *beta

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You can now find on the Adobe Labs the new version of Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effect *beta.

Top new features are :
Premiere Pro

Output to DVD and Blu-ray Disc
High-quality slow motion with time remapping
Direct-to-disc recording and professional on-set monitoring

Publish Adobe Encore projects to the web
Multiple project panels with smart file search
Improved editing efficiency
Output for mobile devices

After Effects

Shape Layers
Puppet tool
Adobe Photoshop® CS3 Extended integration
Adobe Flash® CS3 Professional integration
Per-character 3D text animation

Complete color management workflow
Adobe Clip Notes
Enhanced performance
Video for mobile

You can read a detailed review of all the new features for those products,

  • Premiere Pro CS3
  • After Effects CS3
  • Ahmet

    Structural Web Marketing

    Monday the 16 April I will make my presentation of my work to obtain my master in information systems and communication. The paper is about “structural web marketing” and study the web marketing from a structural way. It differ from search engines optimization but I also study it. So if you are in Geneva and want to see my presentation you are warmly welcome: Uni Dufour, room 103 at 2pm. I really hope that it will be a good presentation…
    After that day I will publish it on my website.


    Exlusive interview with JJ Garrett (Ajax Term) – The future of the web

    Just read the exclusive interview from J.J. Garrett (the man who invented the term AJAX) with the guys from NATIW (Nomades Advanced Technologies Interactive Workshop). J.J. Garrett is going to make a conference during the NATIW and he already had an interview with them.
    Here are the question asked, to read the answer head up to the NATIW blog.

    NATIW: There is a debate about the impact of the web 2.0 in the enterprise. Some speak about Enterprise 2.0 and believe that the new web technology will change the work place by empowering employees and enhancing collaboration. Others believe that web technologies are not powerful enough to disrupt the existing hierarchical structures. What is your stake on that debate?

    NATIW: Even with Ajax, web app still does not offer the same richness and responsiveness than desktop software. In this context, do you think that javascript is the weak link of the AJAX paradigm? Are the increase in processing power and the next versions of browsers a credible solution to this problem?

    NATIW: In the same context as the previous question, and with the appearance of XUL, Flash and other embedded objects within the browser, do you think that HTML is still adapted to the current requirement of web development?

    NATIW: Do you think web graphic tools like Flash, SVG or VML could be strong enough for web applications to compete with desktop applications?

    NATIW: Do you think web browsers will adapt to AJAX? From early 2005, it’s more AJAX Apps that have adapted to browsers (back button hack, bookmarking an AJAX site, etc…)

    NATIW: What do you think of a computer reduced to a browser with an online OS? Is that idea realistic? If so, when would it be possible?

    NATIW: Google is developing lots of complementary free web applications. Do you think Google will hijack the web like Microsoft has done with the desktop with Windows and Office?

    NATIW: What do you think will be the Web 3.0?

    While reading, I was hoping to see about Apollo somewhere but not a mention about it…
    Seems that Garrett haven’t yet heard about it, or consider it too much like a competitor of Ajax ;) No seriously, the interview wasn’t driven in that direction although when I hear question about Flash application competing with desktop application I think about Apollo. But I’m an Adobe fan…

    I’m really looking forward to ask him what he think about the idea of Apollo, desktop application connected to the Internet, as I’ve been invited to assist to NATIW. That’s so a great event, and for once it take place in Geneva!
    So if you haven’t yet make your reservation to Natiw @ Geneva, got to the reservation page.


    Adobe and Google: Enemies?

    Very interesting blog post from Tom: Adobe: Google’s Best Kept Secret Enemy. Here is a copy from his Final thoughts about it:

    As you can see, Adobe and Google are squarely pitted against one another. The only problem is that they both share a common enemy: Microsoft, who is bigger and tougher than both of them combined. There’s an old saying, “Keep your allies close and your enemies closer.” While Adobe and Google both want to win this war, it seems they want to kill their common enemy first. However, if Microsoft was to pick up on this secret rivalry and bring it to the forefront, Microsoft could force everyone into a 3-way battle. The key question will be how resolved Google and Adobe are at taking Microsoft down. If Microsoft tries to turn the two against each other, will they be strong enough to resist the bait? If not, can Adobe and Google handle fighting two battle fronts? I don’t think they can. If the war between these two goes live and loud, I think Microsoft will have a better chance on trouncing both. I guess only time will tell what happens, but it’ll be an interesting war to track nonetheless.

    In my point of view, the battle is far from being launched and I think that Google and Adobe are not so much on the same battlefield. One sell products and the other sells viewing (as Anthony commented). However, Google with his “Google Web Toolkit” is really in the field of Adobe Flex - Apollo.
    The funny point is about Java developers. Are they so bored with Java that all company want to have them in their customers? Oh, I guess they are numerous…
    For Microsoft, well who care about them anymore. Let them the time to do the SP3 release of Vista ;)

    Anyway, it’s really a nice reading to do.


    Explore the connections between related websites

    It’s not often that I talk about Java app but this time I found one really interesting for illustrating a presentation I’ll be doing. Touchgraph help you to visualize the connection between related websites.
    In clear and from their website:

    TouchGraph’s innovative clustering algorithms automatically reveal the categories within the networked structure. The TouchGraph Google Browser shows you the internet as you’ve only imagined!

    The screenshot you see shows the networked structure of FoxyTag.
    Try it by yourself for the Google Browser. I’m sure that I already have seen something like that done with Flash but I can’t remember the name.