Flash Lite 2.0 for Flash 8

By | January 4, 2006

The labs have put online the update of Flash Lite Player 2.0, free for developpers(just enter your IMEI number, normaly use *#06#, we can now make Flash Lite 2.0 files in Flash Professional 8. Go check it here. Flash Lite 2.0 new feature are :

  • Flash 7 code base and actionscript 2.0
  • Video playback
  • External Xml parsing
  • Local, persistent data on device
  • Loadable external images and sound
  • Flash Lite 2 exemple
    If you want more information about Flash Lite 2.0 go here.
    And if you want to access to the Flash Lite 2.0 beta documentation go here.

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