How to NOT use your fonts folder on a win Xp

By | March 15, 2006

If your are working with your fonts folder on win Xp, be careful to not do what I’ve just done:
I was under my fonts folder (that you can find in the -> control panel -> fonts) and I selected all files (Ctrl-A). Then right-click and click on properties …
Don’t do it ! Normally WinXP would open one properties box for all the files but in the fonts folder WinXP just open one properties box FOR-EACH fonts, which take me to a “not enough memory”, warning and then a win98 like freeze (with less than 5000 fonts). I had to reboot manually. Anyway it’s seems that it’s not a good idea to install all the fonts in the fonts folder (slow dramatically boot time), install the fonts you use only instead.

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3 thoughts on “How to NOT use your fonts folder on a win Xp

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  2. Josh

    I once installed 6500 fonts. Mozilla Firefox would often freeze for 30 seconds to a minute at seemingly random times. It took me a couple weeks before I realized that the fonts were causing the issue.

  3. sam


    i’ll have a look at my folder see if boot time performances can be increase!