Flash Statistics update

By | May 18, 2006

Nearly two month ago I published my Flash Stats Engine, now here are the result I get from it and the use of other stats engine. Data was gathered from more than 6000 different IP. On system that did already have Flash Player 7 installed and javascript enabled, this is the first bias. The second bias is the « kind of people » surfing on this site may be more up to date than average people on the web.

Flash Player & Javascript :

  • 90% of the user with have a version equal or bigger than 8.
  • 99% of user had javascript enabled.
  • Screens:

  • Most of the users (nearly 60%) have a screen resolution in X bigger or equal to 1280 px.
  • Most of the users (nearly 55%) have a screen resolution in Y bigger than 600 px but smaller than 1024. But 47% have a screen resolution in Y bigger than 1024.
  • Nearly 100% of users have a 72 DPI screen.
  • Only 1% of users have a resolution equal to 800×600.

  • See the data

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    4. odyssee

      What up Mesah, gud job! I’v been strugln to do thid kind of things i.e design stats engines cz one is specific on issues to investigate. culd yu share some tips? Would really appreciate.