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By | June 27, 2006

As I blogged about some days ago, I had to wait before receiving my Flash Lite Player for my mobile phone and that did just get me crazy. But now I’ve received my Flash Lite Player 2, so I can test my applications.
The first part that takes my attention was shared object as I thought that if application doesn’t have over time memory, they may be useless.
[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”332″ width=”281″/]

Shared Object are easy to manipulate with Flash Lite, here’s a little application that write something in your mobile memory (you tell him what to write). After you close and reopen the application the saved object is still existing (might be useful to keep some important information about the user).

The shared Object will only work on your mobile phone not on debug mode (but it will on a normal Flash Player 7)

To test this, just install this application on your mobile, write a word and click on Insert then quit the application. After you reopen it, the size of the Shared Object will appear, if you click on Test you will see what you had written before closing it.

[kml_flashembed movie=”” height=”400″ width=”380″ /]

Download the fla

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12 thoughts on “Shared Object in Flash Lite

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  2. Greg Burch

    Are you sure it will work in Flash Player 7? Remember they are implemented differently. You need to add a static listener to insure its is called. Where as in the standard flash player the opening is synchronous. I recommend always testing with shared objects on the phone otherwise you code yourself into a corner.

  3. Metah

    Yes Greg,
    it work like a charm (were i’ve been testing so long).
    And I do use a listener :



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