FoxyTag, a free, legal and collaborative system to signal radars on mobile phones

By | November 10, 2006

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There is a lot of buzz about FoxyTag (free, collaborative system to signal radars (speed camera) on mobile phones. This freeware is develop at The Advanced Systems Group from Geneva University. It’s still in beta version but it works.
A German magazine (der Spiegel) even talk about Solidarity 2.0 to describe it.
This freeware work with a lot of mobile (it’s Java), but need a GPS-Bluetooth hardware.

The idea consists in posting virtual tags close to radars in order to warn other drivers. These users will then get an alarm when they are closer than 15 seconds to a critical point, and a red point locating the radar appears on their screen. You can signal a radar by pressing the key “1” of your mobile phone and signal that a radar disappeared (you get an alarm but you do not see any speed camera) by pressing “0”. You are also invited to signal radars that are already tagged; by confirming their presence, you create trust link with other users and get more reliable information. The system excludes automatically users that do not vote “like the others”. Roughly speaking, the more you participate, the more the information you get is reliable. FoxyTag is a “collaborative” system. Tags posted by FoxyTag are directional. So, tags posted for users driving in the opposite direction won’t be signalized to you. Fix or mobile speed cameras are treated the same way.

It should work worldwide but some place must be tagless as the tag are human positioned.
If your are lucky enough to have a GPS & a compatible mobile go download it, your wallet will thank you 😉


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