15 thoughts on “Perlin sound visualizer

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  2. simurai

    Hey, cool.. Are the visuals generated depending on the music?

    Anyways I really like that song.. I’ve to check it out on iTunes..

  3. Ahmet

    Yes generated depending on music, as you can see by pausing the song. But it’s definitely not informational visualization 😉

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  6. Vlad

    How do you pause a sound (loading an MP3)?
    All 4 classes dedicated to sound in AS3 don’t seem to have a method for this.

  7. Metah

    Hi Vlad, you have to use channel.position, save the value and then play(Atposition). Like this:

    public function onClick(e:Event):void
    atPausePos = channel.position; stage.removeEventListener(Event.ENTER_FRAME,onEnterFrame);
    isPlaying = false;
    channel = sound.play(atPausePos);
    isPlaying = true;

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  9. wes

    thanks! I didn’t look at the whole tutorial yet, but so far it looks interesting. Its ironic that flex code looks like a mix of director lingo(sprite) and flash(emca). Wow and I thought only after effects could do this!

  10. Lee

    the bleep player requires you to pass the plot string to the swf, so the waveform is already predone in its very basic form prior to the flash player starting the audio.

    Without passing that string you get nothing visualised.


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