Flash Lite 3 Is Coming… Soon!

By | February 12, 2007

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2007 is going to be great for developers and service providers using Adobe technologies. The CS3 suite is coming soon and I’ve just read, via actionscript hero ,that Flash Lite 3 is also going to be release in the half of 2007. The big news about Flash Lite 3: video! With Flash Lite 2 the only way to display video was to embed it on a SWF or on a 3GP file format. SWF trouble was the cache memory of the phone and the 3GP wasn’t played by the Flash Lite Player but by the phone embed video player (for Symbian : Real Player). With Flash Lite, FLV will be readable in mobile, web and desktop (just need to change compression). What I say: thanks you Adobe, you just realize my dream;)

My only question is: what about the market? Will it be like Flash Lite 2, commercialized only for the operators and developers or will it have a web based installers? For a simple developers like me mobile market is unreachable, at least here in Switzerland where operators hardly collaborate with developers, I call a lot of service from Swisscom and no one was able to inform me about video streaming (i.e: what do you mean with streaming? Never heard about it). The only example of working video service I know is the news made by the Swiss TV (TSR) and they collaborate directly with Swisscom (a phone operator here).

To my understanding penetrating the mobile market is very hard, but there can be some strong commercial interested in Flash Lite,

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