Tons of Free Flash Video Tutorials

By | May 5, 2007

Just a quick note, I’ve just found the Flash section of Wikivid, they have a lot of free video about Flash,
even some video about actionscript 3
See the Flash Section at Wikivid.
Also don’t miss the root of Wikivid if you are interested in learning a new software.

A quote from the welcome page :

Wikivid is an encyclopedia of informative videos. Each content page is made up of links to free videos laid out as a video-course for anyone to watch and learn. Each page can be edited and moderated by anyone.

The goal of each entry is to provide access to videos on the given subject for purposes of education. The vision for Wikivid is to eventually provide its own content through video uploads from the community, however, content may also be provided via links to free videos from around the web. Wikivid is currently in Alpha, and during this test stage, content will be limited to Software-related entries only.


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