Flash is not open-source for the moment, but we are not against it

By | February 25, 2008

Adobe Products
Interesting article from Ecrans.fr where they interviewed Simon Hayhurst, director of video numeric products at Adobe, and Frédéric Massy, marketing director, about the presence of Adobe and his future.

Read the translated version (originally text is in French).

Here are a few interesting quotes:

[…]Flash is not in fact open-source for the moment, but we are not against it
[…]The web is an environment which is changing very rapidly, and we have the R & D teams to advance Flash the best as possible. But one can imagine that, in due course, when the format will be more mature, Flash will also be open source.
[…]Yes, we have a few projects related to Flash. We have a Media player in development, to take advantage of Internet video. It is a sector that has actually just started, and that has a tremendous growth curve. And then there is AIR, which is a technology that allows applications to create classics, but related websites. It is a tool to be always connected, even without launching a Web browser.[…]


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