Nearly achieved my ‘new eve 2007 objective’: Ranking Ahmet keyword on top of Search engines

By | June 25, 2008

In that time I was a big fan of SEO and thought that it would be cool to place my first name (Ahmet) in top positions of search engines. When I started I couldn’t even find a reference to my website while searching on (European server) and there are about 44,700,000 results when searching for Ahmet on Google. I’m now positioned in average at the 15 position, which isn’t bad at all 🙂

Why do I talk about this? Just because I think it will be harder to go above my actual positioning and I don’t have has much fun in old and traditionnal SEO.
So I am officially ending my (useless) experience about positing the Ahmet Keyword 🙂

Ahmet [Yes I’ll keep on singing my post 🙂 ]

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