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Apollo: Using the File System API

Wondering why I didn’t see it earlier, but there is a free chapter (about the file system API) from the book: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Yes it’s only for the Alpha of Apollo (alpha to be out Mars 16th) The book is sell as a Developer’s Reference for Apollo’s Alpha Release for Flex developers,… Read More »

Apollo : finally a stunning demo!

Just watched the new demo of Apollo by Mike Downey. Until then I found Apollo demo quite unimpressive, but this time it really rocks: a nice and sweet EBay desktop application (developed mostly by Christian Cantrell and Effective UI). Mike Downey says that a developer version shall come out in the next couple of months…… Read More »

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More News About Apollo

Mike Chambers has posted an update about Apollo on his blog. He talk about general update in the developemnt of Apollo and present a simple example of write/read file system. Some interesting quotes : […]Remember, that this is a full HTML engine (WebKit), so all HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc… is supported.[…]take an ActionScript object and… Read More »

Apollo Developer Release Timeline

Just read on DMXzone about the new presentation of Mike Chambers. After making a short introduction to Apollo, he speak about the “tentative timeline” of Apollo Developer Release. It will be early 2007 if the timeline is respected. In his presentation he also shown some example of Apollo app. but no new example (for 3… Read More »