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Ethical quotation system

Nice website that tracks the ethical reputation of multinational companies. […]Thousands of positive and negative > news are quantified, coded and synthetized into dynamic curves and rankings. This ethical quotation system allows stakeholders to raise companies awareness by > transmitting information towards the public and financial markets[…] That a nice idea isn’t it ? See… Read More »

Getting Things Done

I’ve read (in Make vol 05) about the GTDTiddlyWiki (Getting things done wiki), I have used it a bit and I must say that it’s a really nice and useful application. It’s a sort of notebook very usable. It’s not serverside but all take place in your browser (so you can use it offline). It’s… Read More »

Quaero by the end of 2006 ?

The European multimedia search engine Quaero (the european google in short) is predicted to be launch by the end of 2006. More and more it become a “high-tech reality”. It will introduce the ability to search by a “query image” and by a query sound”. From : Although current search engines can be used… Read More »

Mobile TV for you and me

From Cnn : Television viewing on mobile phones will reach the masses by 2008, the world’s largest cell phone maker Nokia said on Thursday. I hope (and think) that Flash Lite will take this market.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

How to NOT use your fonts folder on a win Xp

If your are working with your fonts folder on win Xp, be careful to not do what I’ve just done: I was under my fonts folder (that you can find in the -> control panel -> fonts) and I selected all files (Ctrl-A). Then right-click and click on properties … Don’t do it ! Normally… Read More »

Three Dimensional Images in the Air

Incredible article I read today from The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, they managed to make a 3D image floating in the air. They didn’t mentioned anything about motion, but they said: The emission time of the laser pulse light is on the order of a nano-second (10-9 sec). Our device uses… Read More »

WordPress upgrade

I finally found the time to make the upgrade of wordpress to 2.0.1. The wordpress team really make a great work, it’s so easy to make the upgrade. If you don’t know it yet (is that possible?) you should go check the wordpress website, if you have interests in blog.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

My powerbook HD crashed

I just had the joy to open my powerbook, to change my HD. This is the first time I’ve opened my powerbook and everythings went well. So now I’m back to work (exams time)! By the ways I used this tutorials to change a hard drive in a powerbook. It’s in french but well understandable.… Read More »

Logical notation

Just to remember, here are the most used notation in logical writting (mostly used for integrity rules definition). ε : belongs ⊆ : is include in ∪ : union ∩ : intersection – : is different ∅ : is empty ∧ : and ∨ : or ¬ : is not ∀ : for all ∃… Read More »

Missing snow ?

This is not one more flash snow animation, but if you miss snow watch this video, you will have more than enough 😉   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Happy new Year !

Ok, a bit late but happy new year to all and whishing you all the best for you and your familly and friends in 2006. By now I’ll write my blog in English for I think most of the flash user understands English. I hope to be clear and that you’ll forget my bad English,… Read More »

Community Mx, tutorials gratuit pour une semaine

Community Mx a annoncé mettre à partir d’aujourd’hui (28.12) jusqu’à la fin de l’année tous ces tutoriaux libres d’accès. Malheureusement les sources ne sont pas pour autant accessible, mais ça reste une bonne occasion pour augmenter votre librairire personelle de tutorials sur Flash, Dreamweaver, Coldfusion, Fireworks et Freehand.   0 Kudos Don'tmove!

Un navigateur de moins à tester …

Enfin ! Microsoft va arrêter son support et le upload de son navigateur Internet Explorer pour Mac. Ce qui veut aussi dire qu’à terme on pourra arrêter de tester sur le IE mac qui était en plus bien buggé (il ne réagissait pas comme sur la version Xp). Si on pouvait avoir plus souvent des… Read More »


Voilà le site de l’agence fouquet est terminé. Après un peu moins de 5 mois je viens enfin de mettre online tout mon travail. Mon travail dans ce projet était le managing, le travail graphique, les codes, etc… Tout fait de A à Z (sauf les photos, toutes prises par Marie). est un site… Read More »