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Web Credibility: how to have a persuasive website?

I had came across the notion of Credibility some times ago but at that time I didn’t take the time to read more about it. The notion is quite old (buzz started 2002) Now that I’m going a bit deeper in the art of web design if found Credibility very interesting.
Credibility / Persuasion is going further than usability, here we are not talking about “ease of use” but we are talking about “pushing to action”:

Captology is the study of computers as persuasive technologies. This includes the design, research, and analysis of interactive computing products created for the purpose of changing people’s attitudes or behaviors.

As the graphic shows, captology describes the area where computing technology and persuasion overlap.

What makes a website credible? from BJ FOGG“:

A small collection of links that I’ve found on that topic:

Interesting to export that topic on Adobe AIR, how to get persuasive on a desktop environment?


Making Life Easier: World Usability Day: November 8

World Usability Day was founded to ensure that the services and products
important to life are easier to access and simpler to use.

Even if this year the theme is health, it is a good time to check our website for usability issues, more and more visitors expect to have an usable website (also in terms of accessibility). One year ago I had set up a usability resources list so if you need to refresh your knowledge about usability you know where to go ;)

Also don’t forget why you want your website to be accessible:

  • There are 8.6 million registered disabled people in the UK
  • One in 12 men and one in 200 women have some form of color blindness
  • Two million UK residents have a sight problem
  • There are 12 million people aged 60 or over


Building a Better Search Engine

Via Technology review,

[...]After 30 years, it’s finally reached a point where it can be brought into the world[...]

A search engine that would finds the best answer by considering the meaning and context of the question and related Web pages, I’m dreaming about it, they said they nearly achieve it!
We will have to wait until September to test it, but after 30 years I really hope they made something great. Now I just have to work on my English or the search engines will not understand my queries anyway… they did not write about multiple languages support.

[...]Powerset extracts deep concepts and relationships from the texts, and the users query and match them efficiently to deliver a better search[...]

I’m looking forward to say goodbye to our keywords oriented search engines (G.Y.L) :)

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Dreamweaver Extension – SWFObject Insertions

SWFObject Dreamweaver Extension
As I use more and more the SWFObject, I took some time to create a Dreamweaver extension that insert the SWFObject Script and the Div with most of the options I ever need with it.
I just tested it on DW CS3, and it worked well as long as you are in design or split mode. It’s not always working in code view for a reason I didn’t understand yet. The resources about building extension on Internet are really rare so it’s hard to code it exactly as I wanted. For example how to use appendChild to create different Tag in different places of the document??

Please test SWFObject Dreamweaver Extension and tell me if it works or not and what I’ve forgot to embed.

Update 0.1.1: Have corrected some minors bug. This version seems to work nicely with DW8 win & mac and DWCS3 win & mac.


Markup Validation Service Beta 0.8.0

The W3C offer to test the new beta of the W3C html/Xhtml validator services (checks the markup validity of Web documents in HTML, XHTML, etc.)

There are a number of
cosmetic and UI changes, but the biggest difference is under the
hood: the new validator is using a new library as a wrapper around
its main parser, resulting in drastic speed improvements, and a lot
of interesting new possibilities.

Users of the validator are probably familiar with the note stating
“The Validator XML support has some limitations”. Be prepared to say
good bye to such a familiar sight: while the 0.8.0 validator is still
using the same base parser for validation (the excellent and
venerable opensp), it now has an XML sidekick making sure XML-ill-
formedness won’t go unnoticed.

W3C validator beta 0.8.0
List of changes


19 things not to do when building a website

Josiah Cole has compiled a not so small list of fundamentals rules that webmasters must learn. It’s almost the same as we hear every time : avoid boring your visitors with some useless scripts and design. Nevertheless this list can be useful, just to remember the basis of webmastering to you or your co-worker. And for once it doesn’t criticize to much Flash.

If your are wondering about more web design error you can also go check the “father” of usability: top ten mistakes in Web Design . By the way, his page URL terminate with a number, which is also one of the top ten error in search engines optimization :) So please Jakob update your web site!

You can also check if your web site suck


FOTB Note List

metah logoNo time for me to assist to FOTB, but I’ve found some resources about it on the web. The first I wanted to share is the note presentation of Francis Bourre about “Everything you always wanted to know about a game development but were afraid to ask”. Full of information and links, an useful reading.
Geoff Stearns presentation note are also online : “Flash in a Web 2.0 world“, or how to integrate Flash project in web dev, a topic that always interested me.

I’ll post more links here as soon as I found them, if you got some please share ;)

Game Development (F. Bourre)
Flash in web 2.0 ( G. Stearns)