Flash Video (flv) actionscripting

By | March 2, 2006

I have regroup some of the examples from the Flash Help Document in one (little) working example.

  • Example of how to load and preload a flv.
  • How to manage the buffer time and length
  • How to access the metadata of a flv
  • The only things you need to do to make it work is to edit path to your flv.

    Download the fla

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    6 thoughts on “Flash Video (flv) actionscripting

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    3. Michael Kaufman

      Thanks for this, wondering why

      //Tracing the Metadatas
      stream_ns.onMetaData = function(infoObject:Object) {
      for (var propName:String in infoObject) {
      trace(propName + ” = ” + infoObject[propName]);

      Causes errors in Flash 7?

    4. Josh

      Thank you for this. Where could I change the properties such as font and placement of the loading/buffering text?

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