How Flash help the TV medias

By | February 25, 2006

I’m positively surprised by the TSR (Swiss TV) were I work as a freelance.
They really use the new possibility of Flash. Their website is mostly using some Flash 7 adds for broadcasting news and TV show. Nothing revolutionary will you think but it’s not all. One of the show about the new technologies use some Flash 8 adds in some good manners. For example the visitor can let a message taken with their webcam and some of the nicer is then showed on TV.
The new Flash Lite 2, already open a lot of possibilities to broadcast on mobile phone. Unfortunately the mobile sphere is to young now (hard to update the plugin on mobile phone)
The “big fight” in Europe TV Media (and I guess all TV Media), is the TV on demand. Now that the situation is getting better in term of download speed most of the medias are preparing for this. And I guess that Flash will have a central position. Why?
Flash is cross platform. Flash is the easier system (I guess) that can control video (cue points).

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3 thoughts on “How Flash help the TV medias

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  2. Campbell

    WE did one where flash made the now playing title below the music videos…all database driven….was very goo :o)

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