Opera and Css

By | March 12, 2006

I have just reinstall Opera since it is free and I want my website to be cross platform.
I used it a bit, and went to labs.macromedia.com and I noticed that even them had trouble with Opera.
Normally we shall see this:

Css Bug picture

With Opera (8.5 on mac and pc) we see this:

Css Bug picture 2

When will we have a unified web browser standard? It already exists, but seems hard to be followed. It would really be time for browser publisher to respect a maximum the web standard. Why is that so hard?
It is really a pain for webdeveloper to make test on all browser, all version and so one (or at least on mostly used Ie and Ff).

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3 thoughts on “Opera and Css

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  2. Gonzalo

    I recommend trying Opera 9, a preview it’s already available and the Adobe Labs example renders correctly. This was not the case on Opera 8.5 as you stated.

  3. Jarek

    I’ve been developing sites mianly with Opera for a long time and there aren’t any major differneces between recent opera box models and recent firefox ones… well, maybe except the p/hx elements which nested inside other block elements display a margin. But it’s hardly a reason for bashing this browser.

    Anyway – try Opera 9, it’s the second browser that passed Acid 2 test. Event tho it’s beta, it’s still pretty stable.


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