Is Microsoft waking up ?

By | April 6, 2006

M$ gain my interest more and more (they started low …), it’s seems they are willing to increase the quality of the webservices they are offering. is working, and is an interesting concept. At least they prove use they want to be in the game now. The Live ideas is full of beta (13), and they remake all this days popular webservices. Majority vs Google services (Gmail, Gmobile), Windows Live Favorites vs, Windows Live Expo vs Flickr, …
I don’t talk about Expression, as I haven’t tested it now.
Anyway it’s good to see that Microsoft take his challenger role seriously 😉
On my point of view they are making too much, they take the risk to make a lot of pseudo-copy, and not a single top ranked good services. And with the little part of the search uses they got (1/4 of the search are done with msn, if I remember well) this may not be the good solution. Time will say.

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