Web 2.0 ?

By | April 12, 2006

I found on digg a new post about Web 2.0 design. I must admit that I’m a bit lost with Web 2.0. For me Web 2.0 is a new paradigm in how the user will interact with the web and not a new paradigm on how will the information be presented to the user. There seems to be a big confusion about what is really web 2.0 and I’m not the one who will teach you about this topic. Anyway here’s a little resume of what I was taught about web 2.0 :

  • The connexion is permanent and viable
  • Intermediary are less used
  • Publication is helped ( i.e : blog)
  • Development is helped with Object Oriented Programming (component)
  • Aggregation is wanted and no more forced by the technical infrastructure and the history of the network
  • It’s more about peer 2 peers between users
  • The approach is focus on the user and the user do participate
  • Tim O’Reilly has write a great article about What Is Web 2.0
    Design Patterns and Business Models for the Next Generation of Software.

    It seems that the most popular feature is Rich User Experiences with graphic design constraint :

    Simple, Clean, Columned with light colour and rounded corner and […]

    And this is just a time-limited fashion I guess.
    I never heard yet about the new video technologies that on my point of view are really a nice change in how the web will be.

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