Reasons for embracing flash lite

By | June 21, 2006

Mariam Dholkawala (from Indiagame) presented yesterday a great presentation about Flash Lite and the work of Indiagame. The presentation was made possible by the work of The Boston Adobe Mobile and Devices User Group.
Mariam has also list the reasons of embracing Flash Lite :

  • Easy adaptability
  • Cost and time effective development
  • Author once and deploy on multiple platforms
  • Easy refreshing/re-skinning of content
  • Easy and quick porting of content
  • Satisfies user curiousness for newer and richer content
  • Visually appealing content as compared to other platforms
  • global penetration of Flash Lite supported handhelds
  • Typically what I would say to an anxious / septic client 😉
    A lot more of interesting things have been said, if you want more about this go check at BAMDUG for a membership.

    If you are interested in attending this presentation and others please join the User Group by seding an email to: flashmobilegroup at gmail dot com. The User Group is open to anyone interested in Flash Lite from anywhere around the world.

    I really have a lot of hope for Flash Lite, and the FL2 is great. But here in Switzerland the penetration of FlashLite 2 device is quite poor. And I never heard anyone but a developer wanting to pay for a plugin…

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    4 thoughts on “Reasons for embracing flash lite

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    2. Alessandro


      I would suggest to point people at the Nokia N-series which have Flash Lite 1.1 isntalled by default. Future phones will have Flash Lite 2.

      So there is no need to buy the FL player. As you know it would not make sense.

      I agree with you, the preso was really great!!

    3. Larry

      I love Flash but have doubts about Flash Lite. Not a single phone manufacturer, including Nokia, even lists Flash Lite as a selling point in their literature, websites, or even user manuals. Phone your local Nokia or Motorola distributor and ask about Flash Lite, and they won’t know what you’re talking about. Go into any mobile phone shop and ask which phones support Flash Lite, and they think you’re asking either about Flash memory cards or miniature built-in torches (flashlights). Even mobile content companies I’ve offered my services to have never even heard of Flash Lite. It’s too bad, since Flash lends itself well to the tiny screen, and is better for graphics than java apps. For now, Flash Lite is a nice idea, but very badly promoted. If phone makers would push it as a selling point, a few people might actually start wanting Flash lite apps.

    4. Metah

      Hi Larry,
      I understand you but I don’t agree. I we analyze the behavior of phone manufacturer (flash contest), it’s seems they believe FL (FlashLite) can bring some nice benefit for them. Also the market is not ready for mobile application, most of the people only see mobile like a phone with gadget rather than an Internet Ready Device with a possible rich application on it. Finally, data transfer on mobile are too expansive to have any success by now.
      For the promoting part again I agree with you (it’s a pain to explain each time that mobile are more than a phone). I also understand Adobe that make some promoting (for developer) and wait for mass public (or they may pass as old technologies).
      So I think it’s good time to prepare people around you to the idea of mobile application but before 2008 I guess it’s just too early.