Ejacket : Coordinator MIRALab, University of Geneva (CH)

By | October 7, 2006

ijacquet illustration
It’s not everyday that I can praise the University where I’m studying. So for once we got somethings really cool, I can’t stop myself blogging about it 😉
So here the news, the Ejacket Coordinator (intermedia) is MIRALab, University of Geneva (CH) (Prof. Magnenat-Thalmann). Congrats !


[…]NoE INTERMEDIA will build a i-jacquet that will contain all personal information that everyone wishes to keep all the time with himself or herself. The i-jacquet will be able to communicate and exchange information with any electronic device[…]


[…]investigate a flexible wearable platform that supports dynamic composition of wearable devices, an ad-hoc connection to devices in the environment, a continuous access to multimedia networks, as well as adaptation of content to devices and user context. INTERMEDIA’s main goal is to generate a shared vision of user-centric multimedia services for modern nomadic people, who has high level of mobility and is connected to network for most of times. The main goal is achieved through three main objectives: 1)Vision toward device-free user-centric media environments; 2) Constructing multidisciplinary research groups; 3) Building a common platform with a vision towards semantic convergence[…]

With Lumalive, clothes already took a very interesting perspective but now it’s totally different : clever clothes.
I can’t wait to do some RIA on my jacket 😉


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