Apollo book, free to download :)

By | March 17, 2007

Apollo Book
One week ago I wrote about the new book from O’Reilly: Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers. Now this book is free to to download directly from the labs.
The main Chapter are :

  • Introduction to Apollo
  • Getting Started with Apollo Development
  • Using HTML Within Flex-Based Apollo Applications
  • Using the File System API
  • Apollo Mini-Cookbook
  • So now there is no more excuse not begin to studying Apollo 😉 We just need to have an alpha under the finger… that’s true, but it shall be coming soon, I hope.


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    5 thoughts on “Apollo book, free to download :)

    1. Metah

      Hi Jorge,
      well I had the same problem, but after a few hours it worked great again.
      So if anybody can’t download the pdf from Adobe, just wait a few more hours 😉

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